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Nail polish is going up in two days? Some rules to keep in mind while wearing

Nail polish is going up in two days? Some rules to keep in mind while wearing
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Who doesn’t like beautiful colored nails? But once the nail polish is removed every two days, it doesn’t look good at all. What to do beautiful manicured colored nails can make your personality more radiant. 

However, if after a couple of days the tip of the nail is slightly raised, it does not look good at all. It can ruin your whole outfit in one fell swoop. When you see half-grown nail polish, many people may think that you don’t take care of yourself. 

No matter how beautiful the rest of the outfit is, the eyes go to the nails again and again. But there is a simple solution to this problem. If you keep some rules in mind while applying nail polish, then the color of your nails will last for many days. Find out what they are.

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before applying nail polish. Clean the nails in a good way. So that the nails do not remain oily. If there is a little oil, the color does not want to sit properly.

2) It is necessary to apply a base coat before applying the color of your choice. Only then will the nail polish last for many days.

3) Apply nail polish at least twice. After each coat should be patiently dried.

4) No nail polish dries in 10 minutes. Wait at least half an hour. Do not do any other work at this time.

5) If you do regular housework, and need a lot of water, then choose glitter nail polish. This type of polish lasts for many days. It does not get up from the nails quickly.


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