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The 3D Bow Manicure by Sydney Sweeney is my favorite type of chaos.

The 3D Bow Manicure by Sydney Sweeney is my favorite type of chaos.

By this point, it’s evident that the flirtatious trend, characterized by bows as its focal point, has maintained its popularity for several months.

Celebrities have enthusiastically embraced ribbons and bows in their hairstyles, with notable figures like Jennifer Lopez, Mandy Moore, and most recently Megan Fox showcasing their unique interpretations.

While Sydney Sweeney has also dabbled in this trend, it’s her innovative approach of incorporating bows into something other than her hair that has truly elevated the trend to new heights.

While many people were caught up in the excitement of the Super Bowl over the weekend, Sweeney was fully immersed in Valentine’s Day spirit—or more accurately, Galentine’s Day spirit, as she organized what seemed to be an exclusive gathering for ladies.

Just like in the glitz of Hollywood, bows adorned every corner: from the walls to the cake, even gracing Sweeney’s dress. Although not in her hair, they made a prominent appearance on her nails.

Nail artist Zola Ganzorigt crafted the stunning set that Sweeney proudly displayed on her Instagram Stories. The nails feature a long, oval shape coated in a lovely pale pink hue, but then take a whimsical turn.

Adorning her nails are at least four different types of three-dimensional bow charms: a delicate ribbon-like bow on her middle finger, a transparent bow on her thumb, a bow with playful squiggly ends on her pointer finger, and a bow that transitions into a cherry-like shape on her ring finger.

However, bows aren’t the sole embellishment on her manicure. Ganzorigt also added an array of hearts, adding an extra romantic touch to the already flirtatious nail design.

If your local nail salon still has available slots before Valentine’s Day, it wouldn’t be surprising if you showed up with this design as inspiration.

Actually, it wouldn’t be surprising if you brought it post-Valentine’s Day as well. The bow trend shows no signs of fading away anytime soon, so there’s no rush to embrace it.


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