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The prominent hair color trends of Spring 2024 draw inspiration from ’90s icons and Serena van der Woodsen


Serena van der Woodsen: Did you realize spring cleaning isn’t just for your home? It can also apply to your hair. It’s not just about washing; the arrival of fresh air means it’s time for a fresh hair look.

From the individual responsible for the vibrant King Kylie hues in 2014 (which are making a comeback!) to some of today’s top style forecasters, experts are prepared and eager to help you achieve your seasonal makeover desires. Below, we’re gathering the most significant hair color trends for spring 2024. Keep reading to find out what your next style move should be.

’90s Shades

With the abundance of information available online, color references are readily accessible. Instead of flipping through traditional hair magazines (which used to be a thing), you can instantly find any color and show it to your stylist.

Daniel Moon, who runs the Hair salon in Los Angeles, is known for his expertise in bringing inspirations to life through bleaching. Currently, he’s particularly fond of a range of shades inspired by iconic women of the ’90s.

“If you’re hesitant, go for a copper tone. For a more natural look, consider Jane Birkin’s ashy bronde. Want to give your hair a rest? Opt for a golden blonde akin to Drew Barrymore’s in ‘Never Been Kissed’ or Gwyneth Paltrow’s in ‘Great Expectations,'” Moon suggests.

There’s also Winona Ryder’s brunette from ‘Reality Bites,’ the witchy browns from ‘The Craft,’ and the colors from movies like ‘Gia,’ ‘Girl Interrupted,’ and ‘Gone in 60 Seconds,’ all evoking different vibes.

“Let’s not overlook Angelina Jolie’s iconic pink hair moment – that’s a definite trend for Spring/Summer 24,” Moon adds. “Even Shannon Elizabeth’s color from ‘American Pie’ is making a comeback with Dua Lipa.”

Wine Country Reds

Gina Rivera, the founder of Phenix Salon Suites and a renowned hair artist, emphasizes the popularity of red shades leaning towards blue, purple, and wine hues. She describes these tones as deeper and richer, adding a dramatic flair that’s both fun and daring, even for the spring season.

Rivera acknowledges that these shades particularly complement warmer or darker skin tones, but she doesn’t rule out their suitability for fairer individuals. However, she advises consulting with a stylist to determine the most flattering shade of red for your skin tone. Rivera highlights the importance of personalized techniques to achieve the desired results, emphasizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Tortoiseshell Bronde

Lauren Paglionico, founder of lrn beauty and an expert colorist, suggests envisioning the hues found in your beloved tortoiseshell sunglasses. She describes it as a blend of dark golden blonde, light golden brown, rich medium brown, and toffee blonde, similar to Gisele Bündchen’s hair. To achieve a low-maintenance, natural appearance, Paglionico advises scheduling a balayage appointment.

Serena van der Woodsen Blonde

Although headbands have been popular recently, the focus in the world of hair color remains on a particular individual—sorry, not Serena, but Blair.

“I can’t get Blair Waldorf out of my head. Not sure if it’s her golden locks or how Chuck Bass keeps missing out on her perfect blonde,” says Moon, who is currently rewatching and enjoying the original Gossip Girl series. “More of that vibe.”

Paglionico is also drawn to Blair, highlighting the prevalence of golden, blended blondes this spring.

“Techniques like the ‘money piece’ and Scandi hairlines are no longer in vogue—they can be too harsh and may damage your hair over time. Plus, they require a lot of maintenance! Golden blonde, on the other hand, is easier to maintain and suits a wide range of skin tones,” she explains. “It also gives a sun-kissed glow that enhances your features. To achieve this look, communicate with your colorist that you want to add warmth and avoid cool tones.”

Burgundy Brown

While vibrant Pop Star Red hair was popular this winter, more subdued red tones are becoming trendy for those who aren’t ready for such a bold look. One example is Burgundy Brunette.

“Burgundy Brunette exudes richness, shine, and gloss, with hints of red tones in the light. It complements a variety of hair shades, from medium to dark brown, and adds a welcomed touch of health and vibrancy,” explains hairstylist and trend forecaster Tom Smith. “For those with naturally darker hair or previously dyed brunette hair, achieving this shade is a simple adjustment. As for those with lighter or previously highlighted hair, this tone offers long-lasting depth and a healthier appearance for those seeking a deeper and moodier transformation.” To maintain the color at home, consider using Evo’s Fabuloso Mahogany Color Boosting Treatment

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