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Top Makeup Trends of 2024, as Identified by Makeup Artists

Top Makeup Trends of 2024, as Identified by Makeup Artists

Beauty trends: Entering a new year often sparks a desire for change and self-reinvention. It’s a period for introspection, anticipation, and exploration of new styles. Embracing the latest beauty trends is one way to embark on this journey, and 2024 presents a plethora of exciting options. Whether it’s achieving radiant, natural-looking skin, channeling playful and flirtatious vibes, or embracing edgy grunge aesthetics, the makeup trends of 2024 cater to diverse tastes and preferences. “Beauty trends”

Vibrant Pops of Color

“I’m particularly fond of the lively bursts of color showcased by models during the Spring 2024 runway,” Egan remarks. “You can effortlessly adopt this style by opting for a vibrant lip, a striking and vivid eyeliner, or perhaps a flushed, strawberry-toned cheek. Highlighting a feature you adore with a pop of color will draw immediate attention.”

Graphic Eye Makeup

You don’t need to consider yourself a skilled artist to embrace the graphic eye trend gaining momentum in 2024. Egan suggests that it can be as straightforward as trying a double cat eye, extending your eyeliner, or experimenting with vibrant liquid liners instead of traditional brown or black ones.

“Some of the colors I enjoy playing with around the eyes are blues, greens, and oranges—they really make the eyes pop and stand out. It feels like a natural progression from the 90s-inspired makeup trend that became popular in 2023. In 2024, it takes on a more futuristic vibe, almost reminiscent of outer space.”

Soft Grunge

Speaking of the 1990s, this beauty trend is holding firm and is set to gain even more popularity in 2024. The decade’s renowned “grunge” style is particularly favored, albeit with a softer, contemporary twist.

“We can anticipate a more disheveled application of sheer lip gloss in soft peach, light berry, and pink shades, gently blended beyond the lip’s edges for a blurred effect,” Plath explains. “Smeared eyeliner and softly applied, intense eyeshadows in vibrant colors—extending from the lash line to the brow—will enhance this edgy look, along with ‘brush stroke,’ asymmetrical eyeshadows in pale blues and teals.”

Blue Bonanza

In addition to peach and pink shades, prepare to immerse yourself in a variety of cool tones! One shade that’s receiving significant attention is blue, and it’s being used in creative ways. “We’re seeing this color applied through colored mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow,” she explains. “I’m a big fan of it and believe it particularly complements those with brown eyes.”

Peachy Blush

“In 2024, expect to see an abundance of warm and peachy blush tones taking center stage,” Plath explains. “They’ll be applied generously to the cheeks, then blended outward to cover a wider area. Additional hints of blush will be delicately added to the eyelids, nose, chin, and forehead, resulting in a warm, luminous glow. This trend owes much to Pantone’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz.”

Silver Shimmer

Get ready for a substantial infusion of silver shimmer on both eyelids and lips in 2024. It’s an ideal method to add a touch of glamor to your appearance for special events. “Beyonce reintroduced this trend during her Renaissance tour, and I anticipate it will persist and develop further in 2024,” remarks celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray.

Girlish Vibes

Following a significant year for Barbie, our experts foresee a continuation of that ultra-feminine vibe. The 2024 trend revolves around “coquette” makeup, characterized by its flirtatious and girlish appeal. Picture blush-pink cheeks, glossy lips with a bitten effect, doll-like lashes and defined eyes, and softly arched brows.

Naked Lips

Professional makeup artist Jordan Plath, head of education at Kryolan, emphasizes that supple, lightly moisturized nude lips perfectly complement fresh and glowing skin. To achieve this, it’s essential to focus on lip care by using gentle scrubs and balms. Opt for barely-there glosses and lip tints that allow your natural lip color to stand out.

Glowing Natural Skin

For several consecutive years, there has been a noticeable rejection of the Instagram-glam style, with various versions of glowing skin trends emerging, such as “dewy dumpling” and “glazed donut.” According to celebrity makeup artist Sarah Egan, who serves as ambassador for Hi Beautiful You, the trend of achieving a natural, glowing skin aesthetic will continue to be prominent in 2024.

“This year, I’ve noticed a shift away from heavier foundations that conceal natural skin tones,” says Egan. “Clients are eager to embrace their skin, so I’ve found that skin tints have become my preferred choice for nearly every makeup look, whether it’s natural or glam.”

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