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The moment is Wednesday, February 8, 2023, a day of rest for some schoolchildren, and a day off for others. But it’s also and overall the perfect day to celebrate Mama Cax, model and activist for the rights of the American- Haitian impaired people, in honor of Black History Month. A date that owes nothing to chance, this day in 2019, Mama Cax made her supermodel debut on a catwalk at New York Fashion Week. Mama Cax was a model and activist for people with disabilities, best known for her use, in fashion shows, of colored prosthetic legs.

Tribute to Mama Cax / Cacsmy Brutus

It’s been many days since Google replaced its usual totem on its homepage with a Doodle, a good week. At the end of last month, we were treated to an interactive Doodle, named” Bubble Tea in the limelight”, to celebrate the original Taiwanese drink which became world notorious in the 80s with its own emoji on January 29, 2020. moment, Google brings us a Doodle image entitled” homage to Mama Cax”, on the occasion of” Black History Month”, Black History Month, to punctuate Mama Cax, a Haitian- American model and activist for the rights of people with disabilities, who marched with various prosthetic legs. A date that owes nothing to chance according to the Pastel, on this day in 2019,

Mama Cax, whose real name is Cacsmy Brutus, was born on November 20, 1989, in New York and failed on December 16, 2019, in London. She was a Haitian- American model and disability rights activist. Her right leg had been reattached when she was still a teenager. She’s best known for turning fashion canons upside down, but also for her positive depiction of people with disabilities on social media and for using their platform to promote acceptance and diversity. She’s followed by several thousand people on Instagram where she talked about body positivity and the place of people with disabilities.

As Wikipedia explains, “ In September 2018, she made her New York Fashion Week debut and walked the runway in swimsuits for developer Becca McCharen, the author of the Chromat brand campaigning for addition in the fashion world by parading gregarious models norms of beauty. For the occasion, her leg prosthesis is dressed in the colors of the jersey she’s wearing.

And Google concludes, in the explanation of its Doodle of the day, that” Mama Cax’s life was tragically intruded on by medical complications in 2019. We flashback to the model and activist who expanded the image of what people with disabilities should be or look like. moment’s Doodle artwork is a reflection of his brilliant life. The artwork highlights the numerous angles of her identity, including her Haitian heritage, her birthplace of New York, and her career in fashion, with her prosthesis erected into the look. Thank you for being a positive part model and backing addition to the fashion and beauty world, Mama Cax. ”

moment, people flash back to Mama Cax as a son, family, friend, part model, and disability rights activist, and reflect on the imprint that she really left in their lives according to the Brutus and Vilus family.


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