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We might think that having a chilly nose is simply a symbol of frostnip, but it’d not always the case, as it’s possible to experience having a chilly nose even in warm environments. When this happens, it’s going to be a symbol that your body needs some extra attention.

It got us thinking here at the silver lining, so we looked for other reasons why we’d get a cold nose apart from the weather.

1. It may be a sign of poor blood flow in your nose.

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When we stay in a room with a coffee temperature for an extended time, the body tries to conserve heat by reducing the blood due to the extremities and redirecting it to vital organs within the body. We can also notice that our noses are going to be the primary thing to urge cold since this part doesn’t have tons of fat. Sipping on a cup of something hot, like tea or coffee, might help us to stay warm.

2. You’ve been overloaded with work.

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A study at the University of Nottingham discovered a link between our blood heat and therefore the amount of stress in our brain. During the research, the more the participants focused on the tasks given to them, the cooler their faces became, especially within the area around the nose. If you furthermore may feel this manner while working, you would possibly want to require a fast break before resuming your activity.

3. You’re under a lot of emotional stress.

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Emotional stress might be a trigger for Raynaud’s phenomenon, which causes blood vessels in our extremities to narrow drastically for a brief period of your time. This leads to coldness and numbness in a particular area, just like the nose, and will last anywhere from a couple of minutes to hours. Raynaud’s phenomenon is more common in women and among those that sleep in cold climates.

4. Your hormones may be imbalanced.

When you’re not producing enough thyroid hormones, your body’s metabolism may become slow. Having a slow metabolism will make your body conserve heat and energy, and will end in less heat getting to the extremities, like your nose.

Do you know someone who always features a cold nose? What does one do to warm your nose up when it gets too cold?


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