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TikTok is more than just a platform for entertainment; it has also sparked many fashion trends in beauty and hair. The butterfly haircut is the most recent style that has taken over the hair industry. long layered haircuts

This style is cut with a combination of short and long layers, which is not its only cool feature.

The finished product will gorgeously frame the face! Some of the sexiest young celebrities, such as Matilda Djerf, Sydney Sweeny, and Kaia Gerber, may have worn it (and we adore a celeb-approved style).

It has a lot of movement, is really attractive, and may become your new favorite haircut. Don’t trust us? Look at the hairstyles below for inspiration and learn everything you need to know about the …

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

The elegant finish of the butterfly haircut has caused it to become viral. Soft layers with shorter strands around the crown to add fullness are the hallmarks of this style.

The face may be well framed by the smallest layer, which will be trimmed around the jaw or chin length, making this appearance highly attractive.

For a better understanding of this hairstyle, consider that many people have described it as a hybrid of the lovely Rachel cut from the iconic television show Friends and the shag haircut. But where did the term “butterfly” originate?

Sunnie Brook, a well-known celebrity hairdresser, is thought to have given it that moniker. This is due to the fact that it is intended to resemble the fluttering wings of these lovely insects.

Butterfly Haircut vs Wolf Cut

If you are ready to put some time into keeping and styling it, the butterfly haircut is definitely a style you should attempt.

The butterfly haircut has softer, more subtle layers that frame the face as opposed to the wolf cut, which has more jagged layers with fullness at the crown and thinning at the ends.

It works best on those who have longer, thicker hair so that you can properly highlight and accent the layers (this style will not work on thin or fine hair). The style also differs significantly.

The wolf cut is unstructured and frequently worn purposefully unkempt, whereas the butterfly cut needs the care to get the perfect appearance. These two outfits are similar in that they employ using layering to provide fullness and dimension and accent the face.

Butterfly Haircut Ideas

1. Butterfly Haircut Straight Hair

The butterfly haircut is a fantastic technique to give your straight hair some movement.

Straight texture often has the appearance of being limp and lifeless, but the way the layers are placed will truly make this design come to life. Who doesn’t like the appearance of fullness and depth created by layers? long layered haircuts

2. Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

With curly hair, the butterfly haircut might be more difficult since the layers will look more merged.

But because it can give your curls more definition and movement, it is a style that is frequently suggested for your hair.

Bulk and weight can also be reduced with it.

The only drawback is that because the layers are already so textured, they will be harder to see with really curled strands. long layered haircuts

3. Butterfly Haircut With Bangs

Although creating the butterfly haircut requires effort, it is also quite adaptable. This indicates that it may be readily modified, for as by adding a fringe. Although the butterfly haircut with bangs deviates slightly from the original style, which would instead frame the face with layers, it can be incredibly flattering and give you a youthful glow when worn with a wispy, piece-y fringe.

4. Short Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly haircut looks better with greater length, as we’ve already stated. This is due to the fact that working the layers requires taking off a sizable amount. However, since the result can be striking and the cut is adaptable, you should still give it a try with short hair. Because there is less length for them to transition gradually, the layers might be more obvious. If you want to increase volume, use this option!

5. Butterfly Fringe Haircut

Face-framing layers are used to produce the butterfly haircut, which may be highly appealing. For people who wish to alter the traditional butterfly hairstyle to better fit their face shape, these layers can be converted into a fringed style, such as curtain bangs or wispy bits. You may also style it with a deep side part. Your haircut looks incredibly trendy now that you’ve finished styling with a heated brush and mousse.

6. Medium Length Butterfly Haircut

For people who don’t want the inconvenience of exceptionally lengthy lengths but still want their layers to be seen, a medium-length butterfly haircut is an ideal choice.

The hairstyle itself is actually a cross between long and short hair since the smallest layers are usually trimmed at the chin and the rest of the hair is usually worn at shoulder length.

This is for you if you enjoy the traditional entertainment.

7. Brad Mondo Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly haircut is named for American hairdresser and social media personality Brad Mondo, who is primarily responsible for its widespread ubiquity.

The face-framing layers are the main emphasis of this design, which adapts the wolf cut. Unlike the wolf cut, layers are also present at the back of the hair, giving the appearance of a more blended finish.

8. Butterfly Haircut Long Hair

On long hair, the butterfly haircut looks fantastic. Additionally, because there is more length to experiment with and define layers, you have more options for expressing your creativity with your appearance.

To emphasize the face, the shortest pieces should be at jaw or chin length. With greater length in the back, you may style it in a variety of ways!

9. Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are those stunning, face-framing accents that suit all hair types. You don’t need us to persuade you that they are a great addition to the butterfly cut because they are widely popular and require unbelievably little maintenance.

This will really be quite easy to do because the butterfly’s layers already harmonize with the fashion. All you need to do is tighten them up.

10. Butterfly Haircut For Fine Hair

Have you got thin hair? Are you interested in experimenting with the butterfly cut since it has the ability to add volume and provide the appearance of thicker locks?

Although this is typically true for looks with layers, the butterfly haircut requires a coarser texture and is less frequently done on thinner strands for the best results. Because of this, your hair may appear much thinner. Never say never, though! long layered haircuts

long layered haircuts

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