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In the age of skincare, it’s easy to get smelled into all kinds of popular trends and fashions that pop up online. Especially over the once time, since we’ve each been stuck at home with nothing to do. Why not try and perfect your skincare routine to get that coveted gleam? Part of this mega-trend has been and still is, DIY skincare. Substantially face masks.

There are so numerous different variations you can find online, it’s like an endless hole of information and fashions. Naturally, there are a lot of trends to this trend; from saving time and plutocrat to learning further about different constituents and the way your skin works.

Still, there are also a lot of negatives to this trend. That’s what we’ll be fastening on the moment – why DIY face masks can do further damage than good.

It All Depends On Your Skin Type

The first thing you need to do before starting any kind of skincare routine is figuring out your skin type and its requirements.

The last thing you need is to accidentally use constituents that will irritate or dry out your skin. This is one mistake numerous people tend to make when probing into the world of DIY masks.

They get so agitated about the little trial and eventuality for better skin that they don’t do the proper exploration. This, of course, can lead to disastrous results. However, take the time to learn what your skin type is before making or using anything If you’re adamant and want to use a manual face mask.

Check The Constituents

Every component you be to use on your face can have a different effect on your skin. It makes sense, right? So, it’s pivotal to take a look at the constituents you’re interested in using before putting them in anything. Do exploration about each component; what it can be used for and its goods on the skin.

There is a plenitude of popular constituents that people use that shouldn’t actually be used on the skin at all – not directly at least.

For case, failures. Squeezing half a bomb into your face mask is a terrible idea. You might want that vitamin C benefit, but failures are extremely acidic. Our skin’s natural acidity is5.5 while a bomb’s acidity is2.0. Throwing off your skin’s acidity situations will only lead to trouble.

Physical Exfoliation Can Be Dangerous

Another common component used in a lot of DIY face masks is sugar. While using natural constituents might sound healthier and appealing to the utmost, it isn’t always the case.

As a matter of fact, using sugar on the face isn’t a good idea. Since sugar motes are each different shapes and sizes, they can over-exfoliate the skin without you indeed realizing it.

Also, the different sizes of sugar motes can begetmicro-tears in the skin, leading to further problems in the future. However, you’re better off using chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid (for acne-prone skin) or glycolic acid (for mature skin) among others, depending on your skincare needs, If you want to slip your skin. One thing to stress, still, is that using multiple acids formerly can be a bad idea.

Before starting your new authority, be sure to read up on each product or component you’re going to use to make sure you don’t damage your skin in the process.


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