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Why You Don’t Need Laxatives for Weight Loss or Colon Health

Why You Don't Need Laxatives for Weight Loss or Colon Health
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Digestive health is straightforward to take care of, and you do not need laxatives to take care of great colon health. By learning what your best proteins are, and mixing them in your genetic zone of eating, you’ll keep being happy healthy, and IBS-free, even through adulthood. genetic methylation test

Taking laxatives is dangerous for your health. Removing electrolytes from your body can damage your brain and cause seizures. Suppose you’re driving and have a seizure. this might make your life unnecessary. genetic methylation test

Taking laxatives can have a rebound effect on your intestine and colon. Your intestine cannot absorb the nutrients your body needs, and therefore the colon will pack up naturally when it’s being told when to figure.

this will cause a damaged colon which has got to be cut out and attached to your stomach with a colostomy bag to the surface for waste collection.

Taking laxatives causes your kidneys to pack up. once you remove all the water from your body through your colon,

there’s no reason for the kidneys to figure, and they can pack up, causing you to possess to travel on dialysis.

Lastly, taking laxatives can damage your heart. The balance must be maintained for healthy signaling and rhythmic beating. Removing all the electrolytes from your system damages this delicate balance.

Learning the way to fine-tune your eating for your best digestive health, starts with a book to find out which proteins work for your genetic blood group. Next learning which zone will work for you’ll be done by an easy genetic test. Are you low carb, or low fat? Are you balanced, or the Mediterranean? does one feel better-eating protein or vegetables?

Do you have any genetic aberrations, that would cause you to wish for additional nutritional support is another thing the straightforward genetic test will tell you? 40% of the population has MTHFR and eating the foods you would like to support this condition will keep your colon clean and you happier and healthier.

Depending on supplementation can cause problems, because over-supplementation, can cause a buildup of vitamin Bc within the system, resulting in cancer or an autoimmune disorder.

Learning the way to manage your portion sizes, so you’ll help your colon heal. you’ll then find out how to take care of your best aging weight also as keep your colon happy.

A happy balance of proteins and vegetables, for lunch or dinner. Fruits and fortified cereals with almond milk or fruit with yogurt or quinoa. you choose what you wish the best.

Learn which proteins are best for you, and which to avoid. Being hospitable to change helps because change is important to stay belly fat off.

The free newsletters, where you’ll get free coaching, and find out how to fine-tune your eating.

The first tool the Pathway Fit Genetic Test, is a cheek swab, Here

And the primary list of highly beneficial and avoid foods for your specific genetic type. Here

Starting with these two tools together, you’ll learn which proteins and highly beneficial low glycemic high fiber foods,

your body needs, and which “zone” to dine in to seek out your best weight loss and maximum health.


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