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10 Anime Nail Art Ideas That Look Like They Were Pulled Off Your TV Screen

10 Anime Nail Art Ideas That Look Like They Were Pulled Off Your TV Screen
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What better way to demonstrate your anime addiction than with nails inspired by your favorite show? Alongside cosplay, themed clothing, and Funko Pops, nail art is one of the many ways fans express their passion for the creative world of anime and manga. Nail art stickers

But one of the stylish ways, in our opinion, is via your manicure and by the end of this gallery full of anime nail art, you will be running to book your coming nail appointment.

There are endless design possibilities for anime- or manga-inspired manicures. perhaps you have a solid- multicolored manicure with an accentuation nail featuring a symbol from your favorite series.

maybe you go all out with a character’s entire likeness — vibrant hair and all — on your nails. You can indeed resuscitate the characters as lovable creatures or in a different vitality style. ( You will see what we mean latterly.)

How Long Does Anime Nail Art Take to Create?

Texas-grounded nail artist Vanessa Ta says that, on average, anime nail sets take her about two to three hours to produce, depending on how expansive the design is.

However,” Ta says,” If possible I prefer to hand-draw them. However, also I do try to find specific stickers or symbols for it,” she shares,” If the design is too complex or there are too numerous details for the small nails.

On normal, it takes about three to four hours for Florida- grounded nail artist Kelly Kim to paint designs and another hour and a half for the entire appointment.

Though she creates a variety of nail art, anime manicures have a special place in her heart. Within the last decade, she’s noticed that with anime’s rising fashionability, more guests have requested those sets.

Both Ta and Kim are used to making anime sets, so it’s worth noting that your appointment might take longer than four hours if you record an appointment with an artist who doesn’t paint anime nail art regularly.

How to Create Anime Nails

It’s completely fine to let the pros like Ta and Kim who have the skill, time, and tolerance produce the anime manicure of your dreams.

However, keep the process simple by clinging nail art stickers or symbols, If you are a nail art neophyte who wants to produce anime nails at home.


How Negative Space Nail Art Comes Together

still, Kim has many tips She suggests looking into YouTube videos about drawing anime characters to understand how it’s done before working on your nails, If you are looking to freehand makeup the mini masterpieces onto your nails yourself.” Anime characters have a lot to do with distance, as far as how big their head is and where their hairline sits, and how big and far piecemeal the eyes are.

So pay attention to how far piecemeal everything is drawn from each other( because) there are a lot of delicate features and small lines,” she explains. also, adding discrepancy to the look for further dimension is crucial, according to Ta.

What Are Some Popular Anime Nail Art Designs?

Meraki Manicures’ most popular mani requests generally are centered around Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba or the demon Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Kim tells Allure that her most popular requests center around those two shows as well. Read on to see further popular anime nail art looks and get some alleviation for your own.

Hello Kitty & Sanrio Friends

Alongside the lovable Hello Kitty, Sanrio also introduced us to several other characters, including Keroppi and Badtz- Maru.

Both characters are in this light, sand day-themed manicure. Manicurist Narina Chan painted the top half of the nail a pale lime tinge to represent the sand beach and the nethermost half with baby blue nail polish for the sky.

Each character is dressed in a sand day vesture and occupies its own nails. The shadows, seashells, catcalls, and sand balls make these various manicures indeed more intriguing to look at.

Howl’s Moving Castle Short Mani

Gaping at these nails will make you suppose you are in the comfort of your home watching this Hayao Miyazaki film. Chan recreated an entire scene from the film on these short nails.

She painted each nail in a blue tinge for the sky and added white shadows for a more realistic touch. On three nails we see the movie’s protagonists, Howl Pendragon and Sophie Hatter, drawn in detail amongst a field of lawn.

Prism Moon Power

Sailor Moon is undisputedly a classic in the anime world, and as a result, there are multitudinous Sailor Moon-inspired nail designs out there. What we love about this bone

is how Chan converted the the’90s show’s characters into the cutest cat nail art. Everyone except for Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon herself, was drawn on one hand.

On the other hand, Chan devoted four of the short nails just to Sailor Moon with her golden hair flowing between the nails and Moon Stick on the pinky.

Hello Kitty Claws

Who does not love the anthropomorphic white cat whose face has been on our TVs, apparel, and indeed on beauty products? New York City- grounded nail artist Tim drew Hello Kitty onto three of the nails, with a third of her face on each cloudy base.

The beast’s distinctive red arc was the only pictorial color in this manicure. Tim bedazzled each pall-shaped nail with bitsy tableware rocks
sporadically placed.

Demon Slayer’s Butterfly Nails

Ta is the architect behind these various manicures inspired by grandiloquent-haired Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba.

It’s a perfect illustration of how your manicure does not indeed need a character’s face.

These nails take Kocho’s hand colors and symbols( butterflies and light tinges), for a mismatched manicure with shimmer, 3D symbols, and graphic artwork.

Sukuna Ombré French Tips

This simple, stiletto-shaped manicure may just look like” baby boomer” nails( you know, the ultramodern take of the classic French manicure that blurs the classic tinges into an ombré) with geometric designs but the black symbols actually represent the demon Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen. Nail art stickers

Ouran Host Club Almond Set

Ta painted these vibrant blue and unheroic nails in honor of the Ouran High School Host Club series. The manicure is substantially blue except for the middle fingernail of one hand with the show’s totem on a bright informant unheroic base.

On that same hand, Ta drew a bubblegum pink bunny for the USA- chan onto a white base.

Creepy Crawlers

This black swirled manicure might look like it’s made for Halloween, but it’s actually an ode to the Phantom troop from Hunter x Hunter. The only almond-shaped nail that has any sign of the Japanese anime’s influence is the middle bone

with a black spider, the Troupe’s hand tattoo, that has a slashed-out zero on its reverse. Nail art stickers

Into the Shadows

This manicure has black, slate, white, and red colors in honor of Megumi’s shadow canine from Jujutsu Kaisen. Ta painted a black-to-white ombré on the pall-shaped

nails with a stormy argentine color where the two tones meet to represent the murk.

The ring cutlet on one hand and the middle on the other

both have the canine’s triangle symbol drawn on black and white polish, independently.

Josuke Higashikata Coffin Tips

This blue and extravagant manicure may seem nautical-themed, but it’s actually a tribute to Josuke Higashikata from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Each nail except for the thumbs was painted in a cortege blue tinge. Some nails have a white perpendicular or vertical block while others have golden designs, painted by Ta.

However, you will notice a swirled black polish, If you look nearly at the middle cutlet.

Fullmetal Alchemist Nails

These nails are dark in further ways than one. Chan created this Fullmetal Alchemist-inspired black-and-argentine manicure featuring one of the main characters,

Alphonse Elric, and a canine who I will not reveal due to spoilers.

Some nails are pitch black while the others are covered with a stormy gray. On the argentine middle cutlet, she drew Elric’s face covered with an essence helmet. She added the argentine canine to the ring cutlet on the other hand. Other symbols applicable to the series are present including the witchcraft icon. Nail art stickers

Gon x Canary Glitter Claws

These almond-carved clear nails are inspired by Hunter x Hunter characters Gon Freecss and Canary. Chan drew the spiky-haired promoter on one hand with his hand bright green outfit. Canary’s brown skin and tied poofs of hair make their appearance on the other hand.

On the nails without either face, Chan created a gold shimmer bastard,

adding the bejeweled flecks from half of the nail to the almond tip before beating off with 3D tableware indirect symbols.

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