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8. Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

In comparison to other highlighting methods, balayage on dark brown hair offers a number of benefits. It is simpler to do, less harmful and needs less upkeep. You may give your black hair a sun-kissed appearance by adding light brown or blond balayage, which is very popular during the summer. A lovely and organic appearance is produced by the gentle color shift from the roots to the tips.

9. Ash Purple Balayage

Ash purple balayage may be the colorful hair color you’re looking for to show off your individuality. This silvery purple hair color needs careful upkeep since it tends to fade rapidly. You have two options when experimenting with this shade: apply it lightly to lighter hair for a blended look, or add just a few streaks. Alternatively, you might use rich balayage or combine it with darker hair to make a striking statement. The result is a sleek yet rebellious appearance.

10. Balayage Light Brown Hair

Different skin tones go well with light brown hair since it is a flexible color. You can experiment with balayage hair color to improve light brown hair organically. To achieve a smooth and blended appearance, this method meticulously applies highlights. It provides the opportunity to experiment with various brown or blonde tones in order to get the desired result. Lighter hues, such as blonde, can be used to subtly contrast and highlight darker roots.


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