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Top 15 Blonde Hair Color Suggestions Tailored to Every Skin Tone

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Although only about 2% of people are natural blondes, the popularity of blonde hair cannot be overstated, with many opting for salon treatments or box dyes to achieve various shades of blonde. If you look at many celebrities, it’s likely they’ve sported blonde hair at some point. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve considered going blonde as well. hair colors

Blonde hair is incredibly diverse, offering a spectrum of shades from icy silver to deep, earthy tones, making it a favorite choice for many. The range even extends to highlights that blur the lines between blonde and brunette or even touch on shades of auburn. This adaptability is what makes blonde hair so appealing to a wide audience. hair colors

Whether you opt for a wig or decide to bleach your hair, there are countless blonde shades to choose from, each capable of transforming your look. With expertise from leading colorists, we’ve curated a selection of some of the most beautiful blonde hues to consider for your next hair makeover. hair colors

Cool blonde hair ideas: hair colors

Muted platinum

Rosé’s soft platinum shade perfectly captures the essence of “quiet luxury.” Rogério Cavalcante, the owner and colorist at The Second Floor Salon in New York City, notes that this platinum hue looks incredible against her pale skin. However, he cautions that achieving platinum blonde involves multiple coloring sessions, requiring strong hair. To minimize damage, it’s crucial to strengthen your hair in preparation for such a significant transformation. Here are some tips to help protect your hair from breakage before beginning the coloring process. hair colors

Cappuccino cool

Halle Berry’s cappuccino hair color with pronounced highlights exemplifies the beauty of simplicity. Tiffanie Richards, a colorist at Louise O’Connor Salon in New York City, comments that Berry’s complexion perfectly complements the mix of light highlights and a dark base, making it especially suitable for those with warm skin tones.

Richards also mentions that this hair color is versatile enough for any hair type, but it particularly enhances curly hair, where the contrast between the highlights and the base color makes the curls pop and look more defined.

Additionally, this hairstyle is quite easy to maintain. Richards points out that the highlights maintain their appeal even as they grow out, looking as attractive a while after the treatment as they do when freshly done.

Beige platinum

Kim Kardashian is known for her ability to rock various hair colors, from her natural dark brown to the beige platinum featured here. This particular shade effectively combines warm and ashy tones. Lorena M. Valdes, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, believes this color suits all skin tones, making it universally appealing.

Beige platinum

Saweetie’s white platinum hair is as bold and striking as her recent music, but it’s not suitable for everyone. Karissa Schaudt, a colorist and owner at Scarlet & Co. Salon in Chicago, points out that achieving this level of platinum may not be possible for all, especially if the hair has been previously colored or is damaged. In such cases, a wig might be necessary. However, for those with naturally light and healthy hair, a consultation could help determine if this hair color is achievable.

Neutral blonde hair ideas: hair colors

Sandy bronde

Margot Robbie’s sandy bronde hair color, which is a bit darker than her hair in “Barbie,” is considered universally flattering for most, except for those with very cool skin tones, according to Katie Reid, global design director and education manager at Kevin Murphy.

A significant advantage of this hair color is its relatively low maintenance. As the color grows out, it allows for a longer period before needing a salon visit for touch-ups.

Dirty blonde

Taylor Swift has sported various iconic blonde shades, including a natural, dishwater blonde. Parvin Klein, the color director at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York City, describes this ashy blonde as quite subtle. He notes that it suits Taylor well because its deeper tones complement and accentuate her fair skin.

Golden sombré

Amanda Seyfried’s hair color falls somewhere between brunette and blonde, offering a dynamic and universally flattering look. Laura Gibson, a colorist and Joico global artistic director, highlights how Seyfried’s hair color imparts a gentle radiance to her skin and adds definition to her features due to its dimensional and deep tones.

To achieve a similar look, Gibson suggests asking your stylist for a soft golden sombré, which is a subtle version of ombré. By selecting the root color based on your skin tone, your stylist can tailor the look to suit you perfectly.

Lighter mushroom blonde

Yes, there is indeed an ideal combination of brightness and ashiness, as exemplified by Salma Hayek’s hair in this image. According to Valdes, this balance suits her skin tone well as it avoids being overly brassy while still offering dimension. Valdes suggests that this hair color is generally flattering for most skin tones, except for those with rosy undertones, as it may accentuate redness in an unfavorable manner.

Given that this shade requires a significant amount of upkeep, conducting a strand test before coloring your entire hair is crucial. This test allows you to observe how your hair reacts to the color, ensuring there are no unexpected results later on.

Gold ash

Cardi B’s golden ash hair color is praised for its versatility by Elisabeth Leary, owner of Whiteroom in Brooklyn. Leary emphasizes the balanced neutrality of the color, noting its suitability for darker skin tones with warmth as well as fairer skin with olive undertones. This adaptability stems from the hair color’s ability to neither lean too cool nor too warm.

To sustain the shade between salon visits, Leary recommends using shampoo and conditioner formulated for colored hair to preserve the tone and depth without stripping them away.

Lived-in platinum

Maintaining platinum hair doesn’t have to be incredibly demanding. Gigi Hadid’s lived-in version of this hair color offers an alternative that allows for extended intervals between touch-up appointments. The charm of this style lies in the darker roots seamlessly blending into a uniform blonde shade at the ends. According to Valdes, warm, olive skin tones with red undertones are the most compatible with this hair color as it creates a harmonious balance between the hair and skin tones.

Warm neutral blonde hair: hair colors

Whipped butter

Billie Eilish caused a stir on the internet when she switched from her signature green-and-black hair to a subtly yellow platinum shade. However, the transition wasn’t simple. The singer spent hours in the salon over several weeks to safely achieve this blonde hue. According to Gibson, the color is slightly warmer than typical platinum blonde, but it complements Eilish’s fair complexion well, making her bright eyes pop. If you’re considering a similar change, be prepared for a similar time commitment.

Buttery braids

Solange’s blonde braids stand out with slightly darker tones at the roots transitioning into lighter blonde ends. Rather than incorporating extensions to match her usual dark roots, she opted to dye her natural hair a warm blonde, creating the striking contrast seen here. Liz Jung, a colorist at Mare Salon in West Hollywood, California, notes that achieving Solange’s platinum level 10 blonde is highly sought after yet challenging. This transformation requires careful attention and time, and it’s not without its risks of damage. Solange impressed many with her braided look and later revealed an impressive platinum Afro.

Vernon François, Solange’s colorist, is praised by Jung as one of the most talented hairdressers. His expertise in achieving this color is evident in the meticulous lightening process and post-treatment care. However, Jung advises platinum hair only for clients fully aware of its demanding upkeep, time commitment, potential damage, and the necessity for regular treatments.

Golden wheat blonde

Richards refers to Chloë Grace Moretz’s exceptionally radiant hair color as “golden wheat,” characterizing it as a blend of a natural medium golden hue with a pale blonde, resulting in a warm creamy tone. She further suggests that this color should complement nearly any skin tone.

Golden sand

Describing Zendaya’s hair color as reminiscent of a dreamy island vacation, Klein coins it “golden sand,” capturing the warmth of the sun and the neutrality of beach sand. The various shades blend seamlessly to produce a refreshing hair color that resonates with many. Klein observes that this distinct tone complements Zendaya’s natural beauty and olive complexion.


This light yellowish hue is particularly flattering on olive and darker skin tones. According to Klein, the warmth in Amandla Stenberg’s hair color enhances and complements the warmer tones of her skin.

Moreover, beige appears exceptionally stunning on hair with texture or abundant volume, notes Klein. The increased movement within the hair accentuates the color, making it stand out even more. hair colors

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