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10 Chic and Elegant Braided Styles for Curly Hair

10 Chic and Elegant Braided Styles for Curly Hair
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When you want to switch up your usual wash-and-go routine, adding braids to your curly hair is a great option. There are numerous braided hairstyles for curly hair, each one more creative and stylish than the last. For instance, you could go for a sleek braided ponytail, leaving a few curly strands out for added texture. Alternatively, you might slick your curls into a high bun and add a crown braid at the front for an elegant look. braiding hairstyles for curly hair

For more inspiration, we’ve compiled 23 braided hairstyle ideas for curly hair, along with styling tips from hairstylist Yetty Bames.

1. Cornrow Ponytail

Enhance your curly ponytail by incorporating a few cornrows at the front. The neatly-parted braids bring a touch of sleekness and elegance to the timeless look.

2. Angelic Afro

You’ll captivate everyone with this angelic halo braid.

Chunky Cornrows and Curls

Large cornrows are both trendy and simple to create. We admire how Tia Mowry added her unique touch to the style by letting some curls hang loose here and there.

3. Feed-In Braids

Tamera Mowry-Housley sports a braided hairstyle that is both sleek and fun. She has two braids on each side that merge into her curls. According to Bames, the key to this style is highlighting your curls, as Tamera does. To enhance the natural curl pattern, apply a curl pudding or a curl-defining product.

4. Braided Afro

Enhance your beautiful, full afro by adding a crown made of medium-sized braids. This contemporary style showcases the limitless possibilities of afro hairstyles.

5. Beads and Braids

This hairstyle, inspired by Diana Ross, is absolutely flawless. Incorporating several braids on one side complements the glamorous, voluminous look. Naturally, we’re captivated by the addition of black beads.

6. Bountiful Bun

If you’ve doubted your ability to sport a ballerina bun with your full, curly hair, this beautiful top knot will change your mind and show you that such an updo is definitely within your reach.

7. Curly Bob

While time travel isn’t possible, we can revive previous hair trends, such as the eye-catching asymmetrical shaggy bob complete with bangs.

8. Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

Over the years, Issa Rae has showcased numerous inspiring braid styles, and this particular one stands out. She wore a striking half-up, half-down style, topped off with a curly bun. The Fulani braids along the sides of her head further highlight this unique and stunning hairstyle.

9. Tousled Curls and Braids

Besides her incredible singing talent, Mariah’s natural curls and waves are also a big hit. In this look, the music legend has chosen messy curls accentuated with a couple of petite feed-in braids. Bames suggests using a texturizing spray to hold the style while boosting volume and texture.

10. Cornrow High Ponytail

This hairstyle not only looks adorable but is also quite simple to create if you’re adept at braiding. According to Bames, the process involves braiding your hair towards the center and gathering the remaining strands into a high ponytail. After that, you can style your curls however you like. braiding hairstyles for curly hair

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