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The e-girl cosmetics look is popular on Instagram, TikTok, and virtually every other social media platform. This makeup look is simple to recreate at home and was influenced by Japanese culture and 2022 aesthetics.

Every look has characteristics in common, such as a prominent eyeliner, a blush across the center of your face, and, of course, phony freckles. But several aesthetics and trends are present throughout this makeup subculture.

The coolest e-girl makeup trends are included in a guide we’ve produced.

Who knows, if you document the procedure, you might become famous!

1. Soft E-Girl Makeup

The e-girl style has many various looks, but soft cosmetics are a fairly common option online. With its use of delicate hues like pink and purple, this makeup is delicate and excessively feminine.

Apply a single shade with an eyeshadow brush to the entire eyelid, blending a paler shade along the browbone to open up the eyes. Make striking cat eyes with a touch of black eyeliner that moves upward.

To give the appearance of having larger eyes, add eyeliner to the bottom corner of the eyes and line it with white.

Keep the base of your face fairly neutral; a BB cream or sheer foundation is a fantastic place to start. For a sun-kissed appearance, apply blush, freckles, and highlighter to your nose, cheeks, and chin.

2. Grunge Egirl Makeup

Grunge has evolved significantly during the 1990s and now has an e-girl look. It’s all about sticking to darker colors with a modern touch, much like the original idea.

Larger eyeliner, vibrant colors, and whimsical accents like all-over blush are required for this look. Apply makeup to the top and bottom of your eyes in a classic hue like green or purple.

For a smokey eye, blend black or gray into the crease of your eye. To make your eyes pop, add a pair of dramatic eyelashes, and keep your brows full and natural-looking.

Keep your base relatively uncluttered, following the soft style, and simply apply blush to your cheeks and nose for a sun-kissed look. Wearing black lipstick with gloss can help you adhere to the movement.

3. Edgy E-Girl Makeup

Edgy looks today are a little different than they were a decade ago, just like the grunge e-girl image. The current edition features thick brows, dramatic eyeshadow, and heavy winged eyeliner.

Don’t use too much bronzer, but feel free to add lots of brush along your cheekbones’ apple and the bridge of your nose. on capture the light, apply a cream highlighter on your nose’s tip, bridge, and highest points on your cheeks. You get extra points if you use a non-traditional color, like blue.

Apply a striking color all over the eyelid. Then, instead of creating a cat-eye shape, begin drawing the eyeliner in from the center of the eye, facing outward.

Make a little cut in your brows at the highest point of the brow arch using a tiny bit of concealer.

4. Cute E-Girl Makeup

Once you master the aesthetic, it’s simple to accomplish a lovely e-girl makeup look. Always begin with a base that looks natural. Don’t use bronzer and keep your brows neat.

Apply peach eyeshadow to the eyelid and use a darker shade to define the crease for a subtle appearance. Apply black eyeliner to your eyes in your normal manner.

Things start to become intriguing at this point. Apply a small quantity of white eyeliner in the shape of tears down the apple of your cheeks and along the lower lash line.

Place little face stickers in the same location on your face. This will have the adorable appearance of your sobbing stars or tiny hearts.

Apply a lip stain to complete the look, then cover it up with a high-shine gloss. Apply a bandage to your nose for the most adorable appearance.

5. Gothic E-Girl Makeup

This gothic e-girl aesthetic, which draws inspiration from traditional goth and other subcultures, is a fresh way to express yourself. Other e-girl styles emphasize having lots of shine and skin that look like glass, while this trend emphasizes angles and sharp edges.

Utilize neutral hues like pink and brown to get the makeup look you desire. Draw an oversized cat eye with liquid eyeliner, bringing the flick closer to the wing of your brow than usual. You can draw tiny symbols, like a star on your cheek, with the same pen.

This is a reference to the 18th century, which post-punk bands like Adam and the Ants frequently draw influence from. Bronzer can be used sparingly to contour; blush is not necessary.

For a sun-kissed appearance, use a light eyebrow pencil to apply artificial freckles, and for the finishing touch, apply black lipstick.

6. E-Girl Heart Makeup

This e-girl trend shows how many fascinating things you can do with blush. Start with a neutral foundation and avoid adding bronzer for intense contouring. This time, we’re letting the subtle pink color give your features depth. As with bronzer, dab a small quantity along the hairline.

Then, using a technique known as draping, apply the same shade down your cheekbones and on your temples. To make an eye look intriguing, use an eyeshadow or blush that is similar to or darker. Apply a generous amount of pink across the apples of your cheeks, along the bridge, and down the nose.

For the desired look, you might need to apply many layers. Hearts can be drawn on the face and nose by using a tiny bit of cream concealer on a brush. To catch the light, add some stickers or face jewels.

7. Simple E-Girl Makeup

Every e-girl outfit can look amazing without being unnecessarily intricate. The fundamentals must be mastered to produce this straightforward makeup.

All e-girl aesthetics provide the appearance of having natural, sun-kissed skin. Use concealer beneath your eyes and minimal foundation for a dewy appearance.

The secret to pulling off this look is to add blush to your cheeks and across your nose, which will make you appear innocent, cute, and as though you’ve been out in the sun.

Apply a scattering of synthetic freckles where the sun would normally kiss your skin to take it a step further. Sharp, edgy eyeliner complemented by delicate, light eyeshadow is another component of this trend. Pick any color you like., however pink, purple, and blue are the most common options.

8. Basic Egirl Makeup

We can help you if you need to apply the e-girl look quickly and in less than 10 minutes. Applying no makeup at all will give you the most natural look. Instead, smear concealer upwardly into the corners of your eyes.

On any areas of the skin that are discolored, apply it gently; otherwise, leave the area naked. Brush the hairs upward with gel, but avoid drawing on them with a pencil.

You must use a blush over the nose and across the cheeks to achieve the authentic e-girl effect. By adding a hint of pink to the outside corners of your lid, you may get a seamless eye effect.

Don’t add a cat eye as it detracts from the natural vibe; instead, line the edge of your outer eye with a black pencil. For a pop of additional color, add lip gloss or a stain.

9. Subtle and Light E-Girl Makeup

There are numerous various techniques to get the appearance, as every e-girl is aware. This fresh and dewy look is the definition of subtle and light, even though makeup can occasionally look heavy or too complicated.

Apply blush all over your cheeks and nose, not just the apples, in a sweeping motion. Keep it only in the center of your face; don’t put too much on the forehead or temples.

Apply wispy lashes to the outer borders of the eyes to prolong the lifting look after creating a natural cat eye with eyeliner and flicking it upwards. If you want to add some faux freckles, an excellent alternative is an eyebrow pencil.

Use them sparingly to look as genuine as possible. For a glass skin sensation, add a cream blush to complete the look.

10. Dark E-Girl Makeup

This makeup is all about using dark tones to create exaggerated and wacky appearances, comparable to the grunge and gothic e-girl style.

The beginning steps are the same as for other e-girl looks but use peach blush on the highest parts of your face rather than pink on your cheekbones and nose.

Make a smokey eye with an upward flick utilizing a variety of black, gray, and white eyeshadows to accentuate your features. To brighten and enlarge your face, place the lightest hue at the corner of your eye.

Use a liquid eyeliner to create little hearts on your cheekbone and across your eyelids. You can choose between matte or liquid lipstick, but to complete the appearance, select a nude color that complements your skin tone.


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