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Reddish-brown hair color ideas to inspire your next look: There are several stunning tones of auburn hair. To begin with, you have a wide variety of tones to choose from. Second, auburn hair is a wonder drug for people who want to add some spiciness and variation to their appearance without going overboard. Thirdly, it looks amazing, gives more volume, and is quite fashionable.

Enjoy these fifty fantastic alternatives for auburn hair color that we adore!

1. Blonde highlights in Auburn.

the hue that draws attention to your hair. Blonde highlights add a striking 3D look and irresistible jaw-dropping volume.

2. Highlighted Light Auburn Hair. 

This romantic hairstyle really helps the auburn shade stand out thanks to the highlighted strands. The best part? It’s universal for both warmer and cooler skin tones.

3. Rusty Auburn Hair Color. 

The best option when you are in doubt. By going for rusty balayage or ombre, you free yourself from choosing between the two colors, allowing these regal shades into your life.

4. Dark Hair with Auburn Balayage.

 Complete your rich dark auburn hair with orangey highlights for a totally mesmerizing effect. What you’ll get is a visually thicker auburn mane full of luminosity and vibrancy. Layers and waves will shoot the attractiveness straight up.

5. Auburn Hair with Highlights.

 Add more character to your auburn color with highlighted pieces throughout your hair and a much lighter tone at the ends as an exclamation point.

6. Auburn Hair with Copper Highlights.

 Natural tones of auburn always shine best with warm copper highlights. Go for lighter ends to get a more textured sultry feel.

7. Auburn Brown Hair.

 Play a little with your natural brown shades by highlighting them with bits of auburn that are just enough to freshen up your look.

8. Honey Auburn Hair Balayage. 

Thanks to the smooth transition, you achieve a nice, warm honey-like texture with auburn balayage. Perfect if you want to keep your natural roots.

9. Auburn Highlights for Brown Hair. 

One of many ways to dress up your brown hair is with shiny auburn highlighted bits. It’s so soft and natural, no wonder the other name for this hairstyle is “hygge”.

10. Medium-Length Auburn Brown Hair. 

Most natural shades of auburn hair color lean more towards brown than red. Jazz up your auburn brown hair with any luminous shade of auburn hair dye such as orange or ginger with a sun-kissed finish.


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