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10 Things We Do Wrong Every Day

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We humans sometimes complicate things and find ourselves wasting tons of our time achieving nothing. There are tons of straightforward things we do wrong on a daily basis that we actually can solve quickly and effectively without much trouble. kiwi will bring you 8 things we aren’t doing well a day in the most convenient way and tips to unravel them a touch bit easier.

1. Tying shoelaces

Ayana Fieggen saved much time for us with this trick. now it’ll become tons easier to tie your shoes and feel comfortable till you undo them yourself.

2. Get neatly painted nails yourself

You can get your nails done reception and economize without getting to the Salon. you’ll master doing manicures by following the steps within the diagram below.

3. Join wires together properly

Tie a little knot where you connect the 2 wires to avoid the 2 being split when stretched.

4. Use a straw to drink a coke

To avoid the coke being leaked out over the highest, put a straw into the opening within the pull-tap of your can and luxuriate in sipping your coke.

5. Fry egg the perfect way

There is no got to buy a tool to form a well-round dish, all you bought to try to do is to chop a hoop from an onion, put it within the pan, and place your egg inside. it’s simple, isn’t it?

6. Freeze your drink quickly

To get your drink enough cold before your drink it, wrap it up during a wet kitchen roll then put it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes.

7. Making an ice cream dessert

Getting the frozen dessert from the container is often a touch frustrating, the simplest way is to stay in the box with the frozen dessert inside and cut it into chunks and place them on your dessert.

8. Cutting cherry tomatoes

Cutting cherry tomatoes into half one by one is time-consuming and frustrating, but if you place them between two plastic lids you’re getting to cut them easily and quickly.

9.  Peeling your garlic the easy way

Get an empty jar and put the garlic into it and shake it, it’s easy and straightforward.

10. Closing an unfinished chip bag

No clip required, just some origami skills and you’ll never need to worry about it ever again.

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