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We can all agree that makeup may be a magnificent sort of art. Nowadays, many of us around the world use makeup, which has become an important part of our lifestyle that some cannot live without. Not only does makeup make us feel and appear more beautiful but in most cases, it helps us enhance our natural beauty. Occasionally choosing the simplest makeup brand are often a challenge, so that’s why we’re here to assist you to get thought about the highest makeup brands around the world. So, let’s take a glance at the 7 hottest makeup and cosmetic brands.

7 Most Popular Makeup Brands Around The World


The Maybelline Company was founded in 1915 by a young entrepreneur called Thomas Lyle Williams. He often recognized his younger sister, Mabel applying a mixture of coal and Vaseline on her lashes to make fuller-looking eyelashes. Fun fact, this is often what inspired Williams to form mascara using by using the right chemicals and ingredients. In honor of his sister, Mabel he then named his company after her. most girls are very conversant in Maybelline products as they’re affordable, youthful, and vibrant. Many of the world’s top models are the company’s ambassadors like Adrianna Lima and Gigi Hadid.

Benefit Cosmetics

7 Most Popular Makeup Brands Around The World

Benefit Cosmetics was founded by 2 sisters Jean and Jane Ford. This company is extremely popular and has quite 2000 stores in 30 countries globally. Their products are considered to be some of the simplest internationally and are made up of the simplest ingredients for long-lasting and natural effects. Benefit launched a ’Brow Bar’ which is specialized in brow shaping. Worth experimenting with their

Two Faced Cosmetics

7 Most Popular Makeup Brands Around The World

Two Faced Cosmetics is an extension of the parent company Estee Lauder. it had been co-founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. He believes in using the simplest makeup products to enhance one’s natural beauty and works with only the simplest ingredient to bring out the advantages of applying makeup. they need the best collection of lip, eye, and skin makeup, once you test out their products you’ll understand why they made our top 7 list.

Urban Decay

Founded in 1996, Urban decay is a world-famous American cosmetics and makeup brand. it’s headquartered in California. it’s no surprise why they create the highest 10. The products, nail colors, lips, eye, and are mainly targeted at young individuals who are looking to make spunky, bold looks. one more reason to like Urban Decay is that they are doing not test their products on animals and are cruelty-free. You won’t regret trying any of their brilliant products, and they have several stories in many countries around the world. So check them out!

7 Most Popular Makeup Brands Around The World


7 Most Popular Makeup Brands Around The World

Started in 1994, Nars Cosmetics may be a French cosmetics and skincare company started in 1994 by photographer and makeup artist Francois Nars. they’re famous for multi-use and multi-purpose products. NARS started very small with only 12 lipsticks, but today they’re a multi-million dollar company. confirm to undertake one of their amazing products, if you haven’t done so yet.


7 Most Popular Makeup Brands Around The World

Founded in 1984, in Toronto by Frank Toskan it’s perhaps the world’s hottest makeup and cosmetics company. MAC may be a worldwide famous makeup brand and is considered one of the highest three makeup brands globally. If you’re unaware, MAC has around 500 independent stores in many countries around the world and every store has professional makeup artists to assist you with their knowledge. Highly recommended, so


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