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15 Cute Easter Nail Designs to Experiment with This Spring

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With Easter approaching, along with the blossoming of spring flowers and the warmer weather, there’s a flurry of springtime events such as showers, weddings, and of course, Easter Sunday. Ensuring you look your best from head to toe includes paying attention to your nails. Whether you opt for a fresh manicure at home or a visit to your favorite nail salon, it’s always essential! easter nails

During this season, pastel shades take center stage. In this collection of adorable Easter nail art designs, expect to see plenty of soft pinks, light purples, greens, buttery yellows, and delicate robin’s egg blues. One particularly charming Easter nail art idea involves painting one nail on each hand with these colors, creating a rainbow effect that’s both fun and effortless, perfect for celebrating the season.

We’ve gathered a variety of easy Easter nail art designs ranging from simple to more intricate, featuring motifs like bunnies, chicks, flowers, graphic Easter egg patterns, and decorative crosses—the most symbolic of Easter. If you’re skilled with a steady hand, many of these designs can be easily recreated at home. For those requiring more precision, consider enlisting the help of a nail artist or using stick-on decals for a polished finish.

No matter the aesthetic you’re aiming for this Easter, we’ve compiled an array of Easter nail art ideas to inspire you. Explore our collection of nail art ideas that span throughout the year, from Valentine’s Day to fall designs, Halloween manicures, and Christmas nail art.

1. Peeps-Inspired Easter Nail Idea

Exchange the conventional white tips of a French manicure for vibrant yellow ones to create cheerful and lively springtime nails inspired by the beloved Peeps marshmallow treats. Discover additional nail designs at Bellacures.

2. Lovely Lilac Easter Nail Idea

The uncomplicated three-dot accent on plain nails is versatile enough to suit any color combination throughout the year, but we particularly adore this lovely combination of light pink and purple for Easter. Explore additional nail designs at Bellacures.

3. Peachy Keen Easter Nail Idea

Using a soft, peach-colored base polish and adding a vibrant burst of orange alternating between the nail beds and tips, this straightforward design creates the illusion of longer nails. Explore more nail designs at Bellacures.

4. Baby Chick Easter Nail Idea

We really love this style for teenagers and preteens! This combination of pastel glitter nails inspired by the cosmos, along with a cute baby chick accent nail, creates a youthful Easter design suitable for children of various ages.

5. Perfect Stripes Easter Nail Idea

Expert advice: Utilize nail striping tape to achieve the precise lines of these multi-colored accent nails.

6. 3D Cross Nail Charms Easter Nail Idea

Add jeweled cross charms to one nail as a subtle reminder of the true meaning of Easter.

7. Peeking Bunnies Easter Nail Idea

We’re absolutely captivated by this adorable bunny family peeking out on every nail! Instead of using regular polish, opt for nail polish pens to sketch their heads, eyes, and ears.

8. Minimalist Easter Nail Idea

For this simplified approach to spring-themed nails, begin by applying a nude or transparent base. Select one or two pastel nail polishes, then paint half of the nail (either the top or bottom) or create a neat stripe down the middle, as demonstrated. Allow it to dry thoroughly before sealing it with a durable clear top coat.

9. Tiny Polka Dots Easter Nail Idea

The simplest method for creating neat polka dots on nails is to utilize nail polish pens or a dotting tool. Ensure that the base coat is completely dry before proceeding.

10. Flower Power Easter Nail Idea

As spring blossoms around us, why not reflect that beauty in your manicure? Begin with a transparent base, as demonstrated here, or opt for a soft pink for an equally lovely effect. Apply flower nail decals or hand-paint flowers and stems in your chosen colors. There’s plenty of room for creativity with this design!

11. Blue Bunny Easter Nail Idea

Elevate a baby blue manicure by painting the ring fingers with a slightly deeper shade of blue and adding a white bunny decoration. Remember to include a pink nose—that’s the key detail!

12. Peeps-Inspired Nail Decals Easter Nail Idea

You can’t find anything simpler than these incredibly adorable and vibrant nail stickers resembling Peeps. It’s instant satisfaction at its finest!

13. Pink Polka Dots Easter Nail Idea

A timeless Easter style involves adding straightforward pink polka dots to buttery nails, which is also one of the simplest to achieve. We also adore other color pairings such as purple dots on baby pink nails, white dots on neutral nails, and pink dots on white nails.

14. French Manicure Easter Nail Idea

A clean and elegant French manicure is suitable for all occasions, including Easter. No matter what other social gatherings you have planned for the season—whether it’s weddings, showers, or graduations—you’ll be perfectly prepared!

15. Baby Chick with Stripes Easter Nail Idea

Creating this baby chick design is simpler than it appears. Begin with a vibrant yellow oval, then add black eyes and wings, and finish off with an orange beak and feet. Consider purchasing nail polish pens for precise lines and clean edges.

16. Bold & Blue Easter Nail Idea

Step aside pastels! Vibrant and shimmering turquoise commands notice for lovely Easter nails. We believe this style would look stunning paired with an all-white outfit!

17. Rainbow Dots Easter Nail Idea

Dots of different sizes add vibrancy to a pristine white manicure. We adore the way the pastel hues transition from one nail to another, creating an authentic rainbow effect.

18. Lavender Haze Easter Nail Idea

We anticipate that glossy lavender nails will be the trend for spring. Note: Light polish shades are suitable for manicures of short, medium-length, and long nails alike.

19. Bunny Silhouette Easter Nail Idea

The silhouette of those tiny bunny ears is absolutely adorable! You can easily create this design by hand—just remember to be patient (and ensure the base coat is completely dry before beginning the design)!

20. Daffodils Easter Nail Idea

Daffodils are a definite indicator of spring and Easter time. Embrace these sunny yellow flowers with a delightful yellow and white manicure adorned with charming painted blooms.

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