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20 Hairstyles That Will Knock 10 Years Off Your Age

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Every woman wants to maintain her youthful looks for as long as possible. You don’t need a ton of expensive serums and different treatments, sometimes choosing the right haircut can be key to enhancing your look. If you feel like you have been stuck with the same boring hairstyle for years, it’s time to consider your options and rejuvenate yourself. Here are 20 Hairstyles That Will Knock 10 Years Off Your Age. celebrity hair transformations

20. Classic Bob

Image source: harpersbazaar.co.uk

The classic bob is a timeless hairstyle that can do miracles for your look. If you want a fresh and young-looking hairstyle, easy to maintain, and chic for everyday and special occasions, this is the right one for you. The classic bob is a hairstyle that will help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. It compliments every face shape, giving a slimming effect, which is always a big plus, right? Simple, yet elegant, wear it with style and enjoy the age-rewinding benefits you get from it because with this hairstyle age is just a number.

19. Long Layers

Image source: hubpages.com

Another flattering and sultry style you need to think about is if you are going for a fresh, trendy look. By adding long layers, you will give life and texture to your blunt hair. The layers will frame the face and make it more youthful, giving it structure. Keep the layers at a length between your chest and shoulder area to get the ideal look. If you want to go a step further, highlight your layers to show them off even more and to accent the voluminous, silky texture and your best features that will take you back to your blooming years.

18. Big Curls

Image source: elle.fr

This retro look will bring a spotlight to your face and crown you with elegance. Big curls that start from the cheekbones are a favorable style that will frame the face and stop aging for you. They have a lot of texture and if the curls go outwards, they will make your face look thinner. This look is a perfect choice for special occasions, where it can be enhanced with suiting accessories and remarkable clothing. You can get these amazingly voluminous curls with just a few simple steps, using the correct hair products and a hairdryer or hair roller.

17. Braided Bun

Image source: stylebistro.com

The thing with top knots and buns is that they give an instant facelift when you pull your hair upwards. The braid gives a young and trendy vibe to the bun which is ideal when you pursue a younger-looking appearance. One of the best things is that this hairstyle is easy to get when you have medium to long hair. Just tie your hair in a high ponytail, braid it and twist it around, secure it with pins, and hair spray, and, Voila, you mastered the braided bun and kicked a few years of your age in just a few minutes.

16. Angled Bob

Image source: indulgy.com

This fancy haircut has been popular for a long time, and be sure that it’s not going out of trend anytime soon. The fashion queen, Victoria Beckham rocked it and it became her signature look. The world went crazy, we are addicted to this style and we can’t get enough of it. This hairstyle compliments everyone with its slimming effects and radiates grace and sophistication. Also, make sure you take into consideration the angled asymmetrical bob, a great option to step up your bob game when you want something even bolder and edgier. Don’t hesitate, jump on the bandwagon and enjoy it!

15. Short Curls

Image source: pophaircuts.com

Short, curly hair is favored among women because of the simplicity and low maintenance it offers if this type of hair gets the proper care. This hairstyle is perfect for middle-aged women who want to look decent and respectable, and want their hairstyle to present them in the best light. The short curls will express your young spirit and will bring out your great features and bring volume to your upper body. This hairstyle is great daily, but also enough glamorous to pull off for special occasions and events. Get your curls and start enjoying them. celebrity hair transformations

14. Low Ponytail

Image source: fashionsy.com

Tease your hair and spray a little dry shampoo to give your hair texture and a ton of volume, gather it into a ponytail close to your neck and secure it with hair spray. A very simple, yet clever hairstyle that gives an impression of a natural facelift. It is a very modern, sleek, and chic way to look put together and elegant with just a little effort. Many celebrities can be seen slaying the gorgeous low ponytail on the red carpet, which proves that minimalism is key when it comes to fabulous appearance. So grab your scrunchie and glam up!

13. Messy Bun

Image source: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Messy buns are perfect for women who don’t have time for complicated hairstyles but still want to look fashionable. Lazy mornings, bad hair days, or unexpected date nights, the messy bun got you covered. The high bun will give you a natural facelift and the illusion of a healthy skin complexion. If you want to go for an even messier look, pull out small strands of hair from the sides that will fit the nonchalant vibe and complement the look. Find your favorite routine to make the perfect messy bun, secure it with hair spray and you have a hairstyle that will last for hours.

12. Half-Up-Half-Down

Image source: glamour.com

Another easy and undemanding hairstyle that will make a difference in your appearance and will bring back the younger you, the hottie from a decade back. The simplicity of this hairstyle is insane, as much as the effects that it gives. The half-up-half-down hairstyle opens the face and gives more width, which is perfect for women with smaller and oblong face shapes. The playfulness of the hairstyle contributes to the youthful look, making it popular among women from different age generations. Many celebrities are proof of that, rocking this hairstyle on the streets, as well as at glamorous events. celebrity hair transformations

11. Side Bangs

Image source: stylecaster.com

Regardless of your hair length, this is a universal hairstyle that suits every face shape and hair type. You will be impressed by the ability side bangs have to revive your whole look. They will give your face a frame, which, if they are cut and styled correctly, will be flawless. Side bangs always draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, so wrinkles and blemishes will go unnoticed. Also, if you suffer from the “too big forehead” syndrome, you will adore this hairstyle. All you need is a great brush and a blow dryer to attain the perfect, million bucks look.

10. Messy Braid

Image source: stylecraze.com

This bohemian hairstyle will take away the attention from any aging signs with its natural flow and playfulness. It is a perfect everyday hairstyle, complementing your work attire, but it is also fitting for glamorous events and occasions. It is sexy and elegant at the same time, showing off your neck, and allowing you to add some statement jewelry, to enrich your look. This messy braid hairstyle works best for long and wavy hair, but if your hair is straight you can wave it out a bit with a curling iron before braiding it to get that messier, effortless look.

9. Low Messy Updo

Image source: sfgate.com

The low updo is trendy and gracious, and the messy part is great for every woman who is not a very skilled hairstylist. There are not any specific rules when it comes to this hairstyle, you just need plenty of hairpins and a good hairspray to hold the hair in place. If your style is casual and relaxed, you will love to wear this kind of updo paired with your everyday, fancy outfits. Hair accessories fit perfectly with this type of hairstyle, so don’t hold back, including embellished headbands or leafed hair clips to intensify your look. celebrity hair transformations

8. Medium Length Curly Hair

Image source: favehairstyles.com

Put away your hair straightener and embrace this smashing style. It is time to use your curl power as your biggest weapon to knock a couple of years off your back. The key is to find the perfect balance and shoulder length is the best way to go if you want to avoid the chaos of tangled hair. Curly hair is easy to keep up and style, if you use the right hair products to tame your wild curls, avoiding frizziness and damaged hair. This style will give you a healthy look and will soften your overall appearance. Who needs an anti-aging cream, when you have this beautiful hairstyle?

7. Soft Bangs

Image source: teenvogue.com

Soft bangs are feminine, they will show off your gentle side while hiding some, not-so-great features. If you have some forehead wrinkles you always wanted to get rid of, now is your chance to “erase” them. There are some rules you need to follow to get the best from this graceful hairstyle. The bangs should not be heavy and dull, with a harsh line, but the opposite, they should give a loose, easy-going look. Also, make sure not to get them too short, their length should be below your eyebrows. Give it a go and you will enjoy it, for sure. celebrity hair transformations

6. Straight Hair

Image source: vogue.co.uk

Straight, sleek hair is a style that will help you to achieve a modern, put-together look. Invest in a great hair straightener and quality hair products to keep your hair silky and healthy. The plainness of this hairstyle and the way that straight hair reflects natural lighting will give you a glowing and admiring appearance that will take a few years off your age. Contouring is not only a makeup trick, decide on a center front part that will naturally sculpt the face, giving it a subtle definition and slimming effect especially suitable for women with rounder face shapes. celebrity hair transformations

5. Braided Crown

Image source: harpersbazaar.com

The braided crown will bring out your inner goddess, and that is just the thing every woman needs when looking for a fresh transformation and upgraded look. This style will uncover all your qualities and bring them to light, presenting the new, younger, and improved version of yourself. Paired with the right makeup, sexy wardrobe, and discrete accessories, the braided crown will get all the attention wherever you go. You will master this look in just a couple of tries, it is very easy and simple and you can wear a different type of braid each time.

4. Side Swept Hair

Image source: prettydesigns.com

The side-swept hair will sweep you off your feet. This is a glorious look that shows off one shoulder and elongates the neck, and it is a hairstyle that represents true femininity and subtleness. Pair this hairstyle with a romantic dress, if you want to shine at your next upcoming event. The side-swept look is easy to get, you just need a few bobby pins to pin half of your hair back, but the other half is the one that will do the magic for you. Blow out your hair and with a round brush make big, glamorous curls. Tease the roots for extra volume and the magic is done. celebrity hair transformations

3. Long Bob

Image source: marieclaire.com

The long bob is a hairstyle that will deliver even better effects than Botox and erase a few years with ease. This haircut is always a safe choice for women who had enough of their boring haircuts and want something new, trendy, and sexy, without making a drastic change. You won’t need a lot of convincing to help you fall in love with this divine hairstyle. First, it is very easy to style and gives you many versatile options on how to wear it, and second, I must mention the super-chic and fashionable vibe that radiates from it. What’s not to love about that?

2. Choppy Layers

Image source: thexerxes.com

This hairstyle can be tricky, but done the right way, with just the right kind of layers can be an awesome way to show off your stunning features. The multi-layered dimension gives a ton of volume, body, and texture to the hair. The fullness and the vivacity that this haircut offers, it’s just the thing you need to spice up your look and get that 10 years younger appearance. Matching the choppy haircut with a multi-tonal coloring technique will be a perfect score and will take this style to a whole new level.

1. Pixie Cut

Image source: richesforrags.tumblr.com

This is a bold hairstyle appropriate for all the brave women who want their look to match their free and forever young soul. The pixie cut is a head-turner, boyish but sexy, it looks good for every hair type. With this style, you won’t have a bad hair day, just a little sweep through your hair and you are ready to walk out the door. The pixie will give you various styling options, even if it doesn’t seem like that. One day you can be a rock star, and the next one a preppy lady, it’s all up to you.

I hope you found your inspiration among these 20 options that will knock 10 years off your age. Think outside the box and keep an open mind. Experiment with your hair and express yourself to find the perfect match and stand out from the crowd with your youthful look. celebrity hair transformations

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