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Alternating Tips

This type of design combines the always popular negative space trend with a colorful manicure. Choose two complementary colors, like red and gold, black and silver, or maybe two different finishes of an equivalent color. for instance, you’ll alternate glittery tips with matte tips.

Leave rock bottom half the nail bare except for a transparent base coat, and alternate painting the ideas in each of the 2 chosen colors. Quick and straightforward, but still eye-catching and can make your nails look longer.

And don’t forget to guard your manicure with an extended-lasting top coat. Quick-dry topcoats are perfect for nail art, as they minimize the danger of smudging all of your diligence.

Looking for more nail inspiration ideas and ways to require care of your nails? inspect Nails and Lacquer for more articles like this one. Or if you’re more of a visible person, come to say hi on our Pinterest boards!


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