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Angelina Jolie, Daughter Wow on Red Carpet, Elicit Same Buzz

angelina jolie red carpet
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Angelina Jolie was radiant at the Broadway debut of her musical, The Outsiders. The 48-year-old star beamed while posing with her 15-year-old daughter, Vivienne, who collaborated with her on the project.” Angelina Jolie Red Carpet”

Jolie dazzled in a gleaming gold dress complemented by a rust-colored cape, while her teenage daughter sported a stylish blue jumpsuit. The Oscar-winning actress, serving as the executive producer of the project, had previously shared that Vivienne is deeply passionate about theater, describing her as “very thoughtful and serious about her theater work, striving to fully grasp her contributions.”

The mother-daughter duo beamed with happiness at the event, capturing everyone’s attention, particularly Jolie, who looked exceptionally striking with her bold red lipstick and a slightly lighter shade of blonde hair than usual.

Online, admirers praised the star, proclaiming her beauty sets her apart and dubbing her “one of the world’s most beautiful women.” One commenter remarked, “She looks even more stunning here than in previous years.”

While the consensus is that the star of “Maleficent” looks amazing, many have noticed a change in her appearance, sparking speculation about possible cosmetic enhancements.

One individual commented, “Angelina looks different. Or am I imagining things?” Another suggested, “It seems like Angie might have had a facelift or some sort of cosmetic surgery.” A third remarked, “Angelina looks odd.”

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