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Annie Kilner Displays Toned Body in Gym Gear; Lauryn Goodman Celebrates Son’s 4th Birthday

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Annie Kilner was spotted leaving a gym in Cheshire on a Tuesday. Meanwhile, Lauryn Goodman celebrated her son Kairo’s fourth birthday on the same day; Kairo’s father is Kyle Walker. Kyle Walker wife

Kilner, a mother of four, was dressed in a tight black top with a plunging neckline and leggings, complemented by clean white sneakers. She appeared to have picked up lunch before she got back into her £180,000 Mercedes G Wagon 4×4 and drove off.” Kyle Walker wife

Annie Kilner was spotted exiting a gym in Cheshire on Tuesday, the same day Lauryn Goodman commemorated the fourth birthday of her son Kairo, whose father is Kyle Walker.

Lauren went all out for her son Kairo’s fourth birthday party by hiring 14 event planners to arrange personalized cake towers and play pens for a Marvel-themed celebration.

Kairo’s father, 33-year-old Kyle, was noticeably absent from the festivities due to a reported ongoing disagreement with Kairo’s mother, Lauryn.

Annie Kilner was seen leaving a gym in Cheshire on Tuesday, which was also the day Lauryn Goodman celebrated the fourth birthday of her son Kairo, shared with Kyle Walker.
It looked like she had grabbed some lunch before returning to her £180,000 Mercedes G Wagon 4×4 and driving home.

The mother of the child hired a team of 14 event organizers to ensure her son had an extravagant children’s party, typical of the lifestyle associated with WAGs.

A sports hall near the Instagram influencer and model’s home in Brighton was transformed with various soft play areas from Luxe Toddler Play and an inflatable slide from Ellis Leisure. The walls were adorned with balloons from Natural Events Company, who also provided on-the-day coordination and party planning.

The Marvel-themed party featured superhero-themed treats, including personalized lollipops from Pop and Bloon, a three-tiered cake, and cupcakes with the initials KW from Lauren’s Cakes.

The mother-of-two enlisted the services of the Sian Richardson Family for professional photography and videography to capture the luxurious kids’ party, sharing the footage on social media.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Lauryn, aged 31, shared a video of the day and expressed gratitude to the team of 14 party planners who contributed to the planning and execution of the event.

There are reports that Annie warned Kyle’s ex, Lauryn Goodman, to avoid attending the Euros this summer, suggesting her presence could affect England’s performance.

There are concerns that Kyle’s performance in the upcoming Euros could be overshadowed by off-pitch events if both Annie and Lauryn attend the tournament in Germany this summer to support him. Annie is expected to join the official WAGs group with their four children – Roman, 11, Riaan, seven, Reign, five, and newborn Rezon – to support England footballer Kyle.

The mother, who is raising two children on her own, shares custody of Kairo (pictured) and her infant daughter with Kyle Walker. Their relationship has been strained due to a paternity scandal, leading to verbal disputes between them.
Kyle Walker, aged 33 and father to Kairo, was allegedly absent from his son’s birthday celebration due to an ongoing conflict with Kairo’s mother, Lauryn (pictured on April 25).
Amid the ongoing dispute, there are worries about whether Lauryn will accompany her children to the Euros this summer. Kyle’s wife Annie (pictured in 2019) has supposedly cautioned her to avoid attending.

Lauryn has reportedly informed her friends that she is determined to travel with their two children despite Kyle’s absence. She claims Kyle had previously promised their son Kairo a trip because he missed the 2022 World Cup.

There are concerns among FA officials about potential distractions for the players, with Annie, aged 30, allegedly worried that Kyle’s tumultuous romantic life could affect England’s chances of winning the tournament.

According to The Sun, Annie expressed to a friend: “Lauryn insists on going to Germany, and while that’s her decision, I don’t understand why she’s making it so public. Presumably, she’ll share images of her children wearing England shirts with ‘Daddy’ written on the back.”

“It will undoubtedly create drama, and the surrounding noise will be an unwanted distraction for the team. England has its best chance of winning a major trophy since 1966, and they don’t need this. Kyle remains focused on his on-pitch responsibilities, but the off-pitch gossip affects me and the children,” a source close to Kyle told MailOnline.

“Kyle has never allowed anything off the pitch to distract his game. Once he steps onto the field, he is fully concentrated on playing. He takes immense pride in representing Manchester City and being selected for the Euros squad again,” the source continued.

A source close to Lauryn responded, “If Annie doesn’t want it to be a distraction, she should refrain from spreading untruths to the media in an attempt to alter the narrative. She should move on if that’s her choice. Lauryn is simply there to let her children support their dad, as promised, like any child would want to do. Kairo keeps asking if his daddy will win the trophy, so naturally, he will be supporting him and his country. Kyle doesn’t allow anyone or anything to affect his football, and that will remain the same for the Euros. Kyle wants to make all of his children proud of him.”

MailOnline has reached out to representatives for Annie, Kyle, and Lauryn for comment.

Last week, Kyle refuted his ex-lover Lauryn’s “wild and untrue” claims after she stated that he had invited her and their children to the Euros. The England full-back denied requesting his ex-girlfriend to accompany him to Germany this summer.

A spokesperson for Kyle emphasized that he and his wife want to “move forward away from any drama.”

Lauryn enlisted the services of the Sian Richardson Family for professional photography and videography to document the extravagant children’s party, and the content was shared on social media.
Kairo’s birthday celebration featured a Marvel-themed party, abundant with superhero-themed treats, including custom-made lollipops from Pop and Bloon, along with a three-tiered cake.

Kyle, aged 33, led Manchester City to a 1-0 victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley last week.

However, sources assert that he did not extend an invitation to Lauryn or her family for the Euros tournament.

Should Lauryn attend, it may overshadow Kyle’s performance, as his wife, Annie, and their four children plan to support him at the event.

Reportedly, Lauryn, aged 33, expressed to a friend her determination for her two children to witness their father’s participation in the summer tournament.

The Instagram influencer is the mother of Walker’s son, Kairo, aged four, and an eight-month-old daughter.

She informed friends that Walker had previously promised Kairo a trip because he missed the 2022 World Cup.

According to The Sun, a source claimed Walker expressed to Lauryn his desire for her and Kairo to be present to watch him play.

A spokesperson for Walker told MailOnline: “Lauryn continues to pursue unfounded and sensational stories while Kyle and Annie strive to move forward, avoiding any further public disputes, especially involving children. All matters are being handled privately and through appropriate legal channels.”

Earlier this month, Kyle’s wife, Annie, gave birth to their fourth son, coinciding with Kairo’s fourth birthday.

He was present at Annie’s side during the birth, despite their separation in January when she discovered he was the father of Lauryn’s daughter.

Lauryn conceived Kairo during a break from Annie in 2019, but they reconciled and married in 2021. However, Lauryn’s daughter was conceived a year later in October, while the footballer was in London.

The Sun reported a source as saying Walker would message his ex, stating “that win, that celebration was for Kairo.” He reportedly brought back a World Cup ball and shirt for his son from the trip.

Kyle confessed that he felt the urge to retreat and withdraw emotionally after his relationship with Goodman (pictured) was revealed in January.

According to a source, Walker apologized for Kairo’s absence in 2022 and expressed his desire for Kairo to attend the Euros games. The Sun reported that Kairo “idolizes” his father, and they share a “wonderful relationship.”

This development follows accusations against Lauryn of intentionally escalating tensions with Kyle Walker after he reportedly missed their son Kairo’s fourth birthday celebration.

Manchester City footballer Kyle, aged 33, and influencer Lauryn, also 33, recently engaged in another verbal dispute after he claimed she made “unrealistic” demands to keep the paternity of their second child, a baby daughter, confidential.

It was reported on Friday that Kyle was not present at Kairo’s celebration, months after Lauryn revealed he was also the father of her 10-month-old daughter.

Married England full-back Kyle confirmed paternity of Lauryn’s daughter in January, while his wife Annie Kilner was heavily pregnant with their fourth child. He already had a son, Kairo, with Lauryn from a brief relationship while separated from Annie in 2020.

A source close to Kyle and Annie now alleges that Lauryn is deliberately stirring up tension with the athlete to keep the focus on her.kyle walker wife.

The source told MailOnline: “This is just another way for Lauryn to try and get attention from Kyle and her, and using the children to play out dramas in the media is a new low, even for her. They want to protect all the children and wish this public spat would stop so that everyone can focus on their own children and lives.”

In response to these allegations, a source close to Lauryn told MailOnline: “Lauryn isn’t interested in getting attention from Kyle; she used to ignore him at the best of times. Lauryn strongly denies she has ever harassed anyone, and her social media is also private. She feels they are stalking and monitoring her again in an attempt to control her. Lauryn chose to end her relationship with Kyle, and so she is more than content.” Kyle Walker wife.

Kyle was reportedly absent from Kairo’s fourth birthday celebration organized by Lauryn and has not attended any birthdays for their children. Kyle Walker wife.

According to The Sun’s source, “Kairo had the best day surrounded by all of his friends and family.”

Despite Kyle’s previous admission of making “stupid choices,” it is claimed that he does not view his children with Lauryn as “a mistake.” Kyle Walker wife.

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