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Chloe Burrows tears up, reveals she faked romance for money in documentary.

Chloe Burrows tears up, reveals she faked romance for money in documentary.
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Chloe Burrows, known for her appearance on Love Island’s seventh season, has confessed to orchestrating a faux relationship with Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Johnson. Despite her earlier fame and split with Toby Aromolaran, Chloe delves into the world of celebrity couple monetization in her Channel 4 documentary, Love In The Limelight: UNTOLD.

Chloe Burrows confessed to fabricating a relationship with Harry Johnson from Too Hot To Handle to explore the influence of staged romances in a forthcoming documentary.

Following the documentary’s Wednesday release, Chloe expressed astonishment at the response and captured a tearful selfie.

In the documentary, Chloe revealed her intentions to test the profitability of staged relationships, stating, “Now I’ve learned about the financial aspects, I’m eager to try it out myself. It’s time to create my own showmance.” Recognizing the potential earnings, she remarked, “Making money off a serious relationship is so simple.” Chloe and Harry sought advice from celebrity agent Dave Read, known for managing stars like Joey Essex and Hannah Elizabeth. Read suggested they stage scenarios like house-hunting or ring shopping, predicting they could collectively earn £250,000 within a year.

Following the documentary’s release, Chloe expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response, sharing a tearful selfie and thanking her supporters. She also announced the launch of her documentary, “Love in the Limelight,” where she explores the lives of reality couples in the public eye. Chloe revealed the staged paparazzi photos of her and Harry were part of the plot, admitting to faking the entire showmance. She extended her appreciation to the production team and encouraged viewers to watch the documentary on Channel 4.

Upon learning of the possibility to earn £250,000 annually through a fabricated media relationship, Chloe orchestrated staged outings with reality star Harry, 31, capturing photographs of their encounters.

The 28-year-old reality star rose to prominence during the seventh season of Love Island, securing second place alongside Toby Aromolaran, 25.

Harry claimed a prize of £34,000 during the third season of the Netflix series Too Hot To Handle alongside his former girlfriend Beaux Raymond. However, the couple parted ways mere weeks after the show’s filming.

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