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Exciting Nail Art Ideas to Experiment with This Spring

Exciting Nail Art Ideas to Experiment with This Spring

Soft pinks remain a staple as temperatures rise, but why not explore some unexpected spring nail art? Whether you’re visiting the salon or doing your manicure at home, Instagram is overflowing with inspiration.

While pastel hues continue to reign (lilac remains popular for spring 2024), prepare for playful and vibrant nail trends. Embrace bright rainbow shades, whimsical interpretations of floral designs, and unconventional patterns such as clouds and cow print.

Prefer a more understated look? Don’t fret—we’ve got suggestions for you too. The classic French manicure remains timeless, and for those opting to paint their nails at home, mismatched nail art, the easiest DIY option, is gaining momentum.

Below, discover a selection of our favorite spring nail art ideas to experiment with right away.

Dainty Daisies

For spring, floral nail designs are an obvious choice. Experiment with delicate daisies against a backdrop of neat, natural nails. Introduce a touch of seasonal vibrancy with a French-tip accent nail in a soft pastel pink shade.

Aurora Nails

Embrace the aurora nails trend by opting for a spring-appropriate lavender color. Achieve this look yourself with iridescent nail polish—we recommend trying out Addiction Tokyo’s “Twilight Song” shade.

Nude Chrome

Glazed donut nails remain trendy in 2024. Enhance nude nails by adding a silver chrome finish.

Coquette Pearls

The coquette look is ideal for spring. Give it a try by creating a lovely manicure adorned with delicate pearls, strawberry-themed nail art, and a plaid accent nail.

Abstract Chrome

Abstract chrome nails maintain their stylish appeal regardless of the season. Opt for a matte base to create a striking contrast.

Groovy Pastels

There’s something about this swirling nail art that brings to mind a lava lamp. For the most vibrant pastel colors, consider trying shades from Pear Nova or ILNP.

Blue Gradient French

Enhance your look with a striking burst of color using blue gradient French tips paired with trendy square-shaped nails.

3D Watercolor

Watercolor nails complement 3D nail art exceptionally well, resulting in a stunning appearance.

Pearly Pink

Achieving these pearly nails may appear intricate, but they’re quite simple to create in the comfort of your home. Choose a nail polish with a pearl shimmer and apply a single coat. After it dries, use a dotting tool to apply the polish in dots across the nail, then swirl it in circular motions. Nail artist @simlynail, who designed this pink set, offers a comprehensive tutorial you can follow.

French Tips

The nostalgia for the early 2000s remains strong in 2024. Put a contemporary spin on your high school favorites by opting for a rounded shape instead of square.


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