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Fact 5: Children under the age of six (6) months shouldn’t wear sunscreen

Children younger than six months have more sensitive skin than adults. that’s why they shouldn’t wear sunscreen. Instead, to guard infants from sun exposure, it’s recommended to stay them in shade the maximum amount as possible. Dressing them in protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat is a method to guard them from UV rays. Also, confirm to stay them well hydrated.

Fact 6: Sunscreen expires

One thing to concentrate to when buying sunscreen products is that the expiration date. The FDA requires all sunscreens to retain their original strength for a minimum of three years. that’s why you ought to always concentrate to the expiration date. it’s included on the label. Also, whenever you notice the visible color or consistency changes, it’s a symbol that the merchandise should be disposed of.

Fact 7: Use “Teaspoon and Shot Blass Rule ”  to determine how much sunscreen to apply

Many people have the dilemma of what proportion screen to use to remain protected enough. the simplest thanks to determine the proper amount is that the “Teaspoon and jigger rule”. The rule consists of applying one teaspoon of sunscreen to hide the face and round glass of it to hide all the remainder exposed areas of the body.

Fact 8: Spray-on products are convenient, but not always effective

The current FDA regulations on testing and standardization don’t apply to spray-on products, which may make them being less effective. So, subsequent time you opt to use a spray-on sunscreen, confirm to use an adequate amount so as to guard your skin.

Fact 9: Sunscreen is safe to use

Have you ever doubted the security of the ingredients utilized in UV protective products? If, yes, allow us to tell you that sunscreens remain completely safe to be used. they’re recommended by all health care professionals therefore the next time you employ them, don’t feel any regret because it’s completely safe for your health.


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