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Fashion accessories: Are skinny jeans making a comeback in fashion?

Fashion accessories
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Recently, a tag has been circulating on Slovenian social media describing today’s fashion style: “dressed like a sack of potatoes”. A noticeable shift in fashion in recent years has been towards more comfortable clothing, with wide-leg jeans becoming a popular choice. Although the combination of wide pants and a tight top has been dominant, fitted jeans for women are also making a comeback after being sidelined for a while. However, this shift doesn’t mean that other fashion pieces will become less important. Fashion accessories

In the world of denim, we have been safe for several years now, as the styles that were popular in the past decade are wearable, comfortable, lightweight, and allow for seamless movement. Such jeans also lend themselves well to a variety of style combinations. They can be paired with high heels, sneakers, or even sandals. We can also be creative in combining tops. Thus, a complete look with wide-leg jeans could include Adidas Samba sneakers paired with a blouse fastened with bows instead of buttons. After styling our hair and adding fashion accessories, we’re ready for a stroll around the city. Fashion accessories

Can tight jeans be in fashion alongside wide-leg ones? The answer is definitely yes, as fashion capitals and renowned brands have already announced the inclusion of fitted jeans in this year’s trends. Trends are constantly evolving, and when it comes to jeans, they often draw inspiration from past eras. Fitted jeans have been in style many times before, and they will be again this time around.

Celebrities are excited about the new trend

Bella Hadid was already wearing skinny jeans last Christmas, paving the way for the revival of this old trend, which will become new again this year. Even Kate Moss, a proponent of tight jeans, has influenced her daughter Lila. Such jeans are also in vogue among other celebrities, such as Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez.

Miu Miu, a brand followed by others

During the 2024 Fashion Week runway, the brand Miu Miu showcased pieces that featured denim even tighter than tight. Alongside brands like Saint Laurent, Frame, and Acne Studios, many others are also embracing a slimmer silhouette. This year, we expect a lot of interest in skinny jeans. This was already forecasted on the analytical profile @databutmakeitfashion on Instagram. Their research has shown that the popularity of skinny jeans has increased by 50 percent in the past month. There’s also a significant surge in TikTok content indicating the new trend.

How to wear skinny jeans? Fashion accessories

For the most helpful guidance on styling skinny jeans, look to Kate Moss. You can either emulate her style or add a touch of your own ideas. Currently, skinny jeans are often paired with cowboy boots or other types of boots. These can be heeled boots, but other high-heeled shoes can also look great. You can find a lot of inspiration in the series Gossip Girl, where one of the main actresses is celebrated for her ability to combine skinny jeans with various pieces. For ideas, you can also look to other celebrities.

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