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8 Essential Hair Care Tips for Silky and Shiny Hair

How to take care of your hair to make it silky smooth
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Is it possible to make hair silky and candescent like in the commercials? The thing is surely attainable if you include some simple procedures in your everyday hair care routine.

1. Refuse a towel.

It’s largely recommended to not comb hair right after washing it because it damages the scales and makes the hair brittle and “ ethereal ” after drying.

The same thing happens when the hair is dried with a terry cloth kerchief, which is why it’s better to use fabric that can absorb humidity well but has a smooth structure. A good option for this is an ordinary cotton T-shirt.

2. Use the right hair care products.

Hair Redolences promote the stylish ending of the hair shaft, while masks nourish the hair. You can get indeed better results if you pay attention to the composition of these products.

Use the following canvases to make your hair smooth

  • jojoba oil (restores damaged hair structure);
  • coconut oil (moisturizes, gives shine);
  • ylang-ylang oil (has a smoothing effect);
  • Rosemary oil (moisturizes, and promotes hair growth);
  • broccoli oil (natural silicone);
  • argan oil (gives shine);
  • shea oil (gives shine, and protects from ultraviolet radiation);
  • burdock oil (restores damaged hair structure, accelerates hair growth, prevents dry scalp).

Before using oil painting, make sure you don’t have an antipathetic response to it( test it in the crook of your elbow) in order not to damage the skin on your head.

A smoothing serum that needs to be applied to wet hair can be a fresh helpful product.
It’s important to help hair from getting used to products that you use, or else it’ll significantly drop their effect. It happens within about 2 weeks when used every other day. What you can do to help it’s to buy 2 different sets and use them alternatively.

3. Comb your hair before bedtime using essential oils.

hair care routine

Still, this simple and affable procedure can significantly increase the way your hair looks, If performed regularly. Apply a small quantum of oil painting to a comb with small gaps between the teeth and comb your hair for several twinkles.

Pay attention to your hair type — one drop of oil painting will be enough for unctuous hair, while 3 drops of oil painting can be used for dry hair.
Canvases like a bomb, bergamot, tea tree, verbena, and juniper suit unctuous hair the most.

Lavender, ylang- ylang, orange, and vervain canvases are a perfect choice for dry and normal hair.

4. Use several simple rules when drying hair with a hair dryer.

hair care routine

Following these simple rules will help preserve the health and beauty of your hair:

  • Don’t dry hair that is too wet with a hair dryer (if there are drops of water in the hair, then they will start warming up during the process of drying which will break the structure of hair);
  • Divide the hair into zones and work with each of them one by one;
  • Put the air stream strictly in the direction from top to bottom so that the shaft of the hair can be smoothed out and curls can be smoothed out too.

5. Use the correct comb.

Still, the stylish option is to use rustic hair combs, If you want to get smooth hair. They comb hair fluently without titillating it and without damaging its structure. lately constructed silicone combs give an analogous effect.

Use rustic and silicone combs with small gaps between the teeth for better distribution of hair masks and canvases. Use skirmishes for styling and precluding your hair from getting tangled.

6. Make oil hair wraps.

Hot and cold hair wraps are popular procedures in salons but they can be performed at home too.

Hot masks are considered to be more effective. You can do the following at home apply a warmed-up admixture of canvases to the hair, serape hair with a warm kerchief, and put a polyethylene cap over it. Leave it for 30- 60 twinkles and wash with soap.

  • coconut and almond oil for oily hair;
  • avocado, sesame, and burdock oil for dry hair;
  • olive and linseed oil for normal hair.

You can also voluntarily add essential canvases to the base.

Flash back about the nuances when used constantly, canvases can promote a quick fading of hair color, while burdock oil painting can make fair hair darker.

7. Protect your hair in both the summer and winter.

Cold and hot rainfall is extremely mischievous to the hair structure, which is why it should be defended from UV shafts in the summer and from frost in downtime.

else, your hair can come dull and brittle. You can use special products with thermal protection in the summer rather than using baseball caps and summer headdresses.

8. Try hair shielding.

In comparison with other procedures that give only an ornamental effect, the procedure of shielding makes hair healthier. It’s all because of the tintless
nutritional composition that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the hair. The effect of such a procedure lasts for one month on average.

It’s most accessible to make shielding in a salon but it can be performed in home conditions as well, indeed after dying hair.
Do you find these tips useful? Are you apprehensive about any other useful hair procedures? Please partake in them with us in the commentary!

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