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Justin Bieber elucidates why Hailey postponed having children sooner.

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Justin Bieber has announced on Instagram that he and his spouse Hailey are anticipating their first baby. Hailey, aged 27, has previously expressed apprehensions about parenthood. While she deeply wishes to embrace motherhood, she also harbors concerns about the potential scrutiny their forthcoming child might encounter. Hailey Bieber pregnancy

Since tying the knot in 2018, Hailey and Justin have discussed starting a family. During a 2020 interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Justin elaborated on why Hailey preferred not to have children immediately. The singer emphasized that he respects Hailey’s autonomy in deciding when and how many children they’ll have.

“It’s her choice, and whatever she decides, I’m supportive,” he expressed. “Hailey still has personal goals she wants to achieve.” He humorously remarked, “I’ll happily have as many kids as Hailey wants to have. Building a little tribe sounds lovely.”

Hailey has discussed the societal expectations placed on women post-marriage, highlighting that life doesn’t have to adhere to a rigid timetable. The model expressed her desire to achieve certain career milestones before embracing motherhood.

“There’s this common assumption about women once they marry. It’s always: love, marriage, then baby,” she stated. “But what about my career aspirations? What about the goals I want to achieve in my professional life?”

Hailey was transparent about her choice to postpone starting a family. She affirmed that she has no intentions of having children in 2022, explaining, “I had this idea that I would want to have kids immediately and at a very young age. But when I turned 25, I realized, ‘I’m still very young!'”

The founder of Rhode also openly shared her concerns about the possibility of their upcoming child facing online scrutiny. “Dealing with comments about my husband or friends is one thing, but I can’t bear the thought of people targeting a child,” she expressed. “Our priority is to provide them with love and security,” she concluded.

The concerns of the expectant mother were unfounded as the public responded with overwhelming support upon the couple’s pregnancy announcement. Congratulations poured in, filled with warmth and genuine well-wishes. Celebrity pregnancies often attract attention, sometimes leading to unfounded speculation. Jennifer Aniston, for instance, has faced recurring rumors about her pregnancy, yet she maintains that fulfillment doesn’t rely on marital or parental status. She bravely addresses these misconceptions, refusing to succumb to societal pressures. Hailey Bieber pregnancy

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