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You might have noticed that going pantless has become quite the trend lately. In fact, just this past week, Emily Ratajkowski and Sydney Sweeney both chose to go without trousers during their outings.”pants-less”

Now, include Kristen Stewart in that group, as she made an appearance at the premiere of Love Lies Bleeding in Los Angeles last night wearing a bold leotard.

The A24 film is a forthcoming queer suspense film that tracks Kristen’s role as Lou, a gym manager with a background in crime, who develops feelings for an aspiring bodybuilder portrayed by Katy O’Brian.

Considering the ’80s athletic setting of the film, referencing the past trend of aerobics without pants seems fitting. The bodysuit is created by Better, a brand known for its emphasis on upcycling.

Kristen Stewart’s boldest red carpet ensemble yet is gaining widespread attention.

The outfit was put together by Tara Swennen, who also posted some behind-the-scenes photos of its creation on her Instagram story.

Not surprisingly, the ensemble rapidly gained widespread attention.

Kristen did wear a pair of pants when she introduced the movie.

In February, Kristen revealed to Rolling Stone that portraying Lou felt like going back to her “original self.” She elaborated, saying, “It’s a strange yet poignant return to my roots in a sense. It’s like revisiting who you were at 11 years old — your physicality, your clothing choices — before societal expectations weighed heavily on you.”

Regarding the pants-less cover, she expressed, “I aim to do the most authentically queer thing you’ve ever witnessed. If I could grow a small mustache, if I could cultivate a visible happy trail and unbutton my pants, I would. I apologize, but constantly having men’s private parts in my face is quite discomforting, and I’m inclined to speak up about it.”

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