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Unified Complexion, Enhanced Beauty, and Brightened Day with Caudalie’s Vinocrush CC Cream

Unified Complexion, Enhanced Beauty, and Brightened Day with Caudalie's Vinocrush CC Cream

Sometimes, it only takes a little to brighten our daily lives… With just a dab of Vinocrush, the new star CC cream from Caudalie, to enhance our complexion – and our life!

A new day, a new story. We reset the counters and let ourselves be carried away by an original plot. The season sets the stage, and we seamlessly blend into it. We are guided by the rhythm of our daily lives. So much so that sometimes, we almost forget that we are the directors of this film. It’s up to us to write the script. Our main role is to choose the characters who will enrich it. Caudalie’s Vinocrush CC cream has been specially designed for this purpose.

Unified Complexion, Enhanced Beauty, and Brightened Day with Caudalie’s Vinocrush CC Cream

Let’s rewind. It’s never too late to brighten up our morning. Sitting halfway between skincare and makeup, this product that all beauty addicts are already clamoring for fits seamlessly into our skincare or beauty routine to soften our life… and our skin.

Just a dab is enough to beautify our face and brighten our day. Made up of 96% natural ingredients – organic grape water, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and olive squalane – the cream hydrates, nourishes, and evens out the skin tone. It’s a fluid and vegan formula, non-comedogenic, without silicone or phenoxyethanol, based on plant capsules containing mineral pigments. And because only happy endings belong here, these pigments are shielded from oxidation. Once released onto our skin, they provide us with a 100% unified complexion and flawlessness… For naturally enhanced beauty.

Tested and fully endorsed. We’ve finally found the sunshine of our days. The star of our skincare and beauty routine. It’s been a while since we’ve radiated so much… We’re not rewriting history. We’re illuminating it.

Yes, Caudalie romances our lives… And others’ too. Because Vinocrush was designed not in one, but in 5 different shades. All sold in 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled glass and plastic, more respectful of the planet.

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