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Why Khloé Kardashian Should Ignore Tristan Thompson & Lamar Odom

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This week, Tristan Thompson got heated with Lamar Odom after both decided to leave some flirty comments on Khloé Kardashian’s latest Instagram post.

Khloé Kardashian may have avoided discussing her breakup from Tristan Thompson thanks to the fortunate timing on top of maintaining with The Kardashians. However, that did not stop fans from noticing she removed the large rock that was previously adorning her annualry.

Recently, the drama continued when Tristan and Khloe’s ex-husband Lamar Odom decided to go away with some competing flirty comments on her latest Instagram post. Lamar started the so-called “beef” when he commented “Hottie” followed by some fire and heart emoji’s on Khloé’s latest Instagram post.

Tristan didn’t take too kindly to Khloé’s ex-husband sliding into the comment section and commented with hearts and drool-face emojis before clapping back at Lamar. Tristan wrote, “@lamarodam God brought you back the primary time.

Play if you would like, different results,” followed by some shrug emojis. Tristan appears to be pertaining to Lamar’s 2015 overdose, from which he suffered twelve strokes and 6 heart attacks. He spent four days in a coma before finally waking and continuing his recovery at a rehab center in l. a..

Many critiqued Khloé at the time for putting the pause button on the previous couple’s divorce to support Lamar through his recovery and his medical decisions. Once Lamar was fully recovered, the couple finally divorced in 2016, three years after she initially filed. things were extremely stressful for Khloé and her entire family, making Tristan’s threatening referral to the incident come off insensitive, to mention the smallest amount.

Simultaneously, it’s hard to ascertain why Tristan feels he features a leg to face on when beefing with other men over Khloé. the oldsters finally decided to separate this past spring formally after not one, not two, but three allegations of Tristan cheating. the primary was notoriously publicized days before their daughter True Thompson’s birth, with the whole scene documented on camera.

At the time, Khloé’s long-time allies Malika Haqq and Kim were able to burn bridges but settled on some gentle side-eye given the circumstances.

Right before True’s first birthday, the second cheating scandal emerged, this point with Kylie Jenner’s former BFF Jordyn Woods. While a big point of stress for everybody involved at the time, Woods has since launched herself into an entirely new era of her career in entertainment with brand endorsements and collaborations out the wazoo.

At an equivalent time, it seemed the pandemic had made both events something that Tristan and Khloé could move past as they reconciled, and Tristan took on an enormous role within the final season of maintaining with The Kardashians. The happy reunion turned to the dust, however, when a 3rd cheating allegation came from influencer Sydney Chase. Tristan attempted a lawsuit branding her a liar, which Chase fought back against with the assistance of famed attorney Gloria Allred.

Lamar also isn’t likely to win too many points with Khloé after years of drug abuse behind closed doors and a but grateful outlook after she stayed by his side through recovery. He was also accused of comparing his girlfriend at the time Sabrina Parr to Khloé in an Instagram caption in 2019. While Lamar pushed back that he had no intention of comparing the 2, it still seems unlikely Khloé would have an interest in either men’s flattery in her post maintaining with The Kardashian era.

KUWTK: Why Lamar Odom Claims Sabrina Parr Just Wanted ‘Clout Or Fame’

Formerly maintaining With the Kardashians star Lamar Odom called out his ex-fiancée, Sabrina Parr, for allegedly “taking advantage” of him.

Lamar Odom is constantly his slander campaign against his ex-fiancée, Sabrina Parr. the previous maintaining With the Kardashians star recently called out his ex and accused her of using him for “clout” while also “taking advantage” of the NBA champion. it has been over two months since they called off their engagement after only one year of dating. But Lamar apparently isn’t finished airing Sabrina’s call to the media.

Khloé Kardashian’s breakup with Lamar was nothing compared to how messy his breakup with Sabrina has been. Both Lamar and Sabrina have talked badly about one another in press interviews and posted salacious claims against one another on social media. Not only has Lamar accused Sabrina of hacking his social media and being a “bitter” woman, but he also told the planet about her past hookup with Khloé’s current boyfriend Tristan Thompson. last, Lamar appeared on the important, where he continued to slander Sabrina even more.

KUWTK: Why Fans Say There Is No Chemistry Between Khloé & Tristan

During his virtual appearance on the daytime chat show, Lamar accused Sabrina of injuring him “in every which way,” as noted by People. the previous LA Lakers player said his life coach ex was “very deceitful” and was “lying” to him the entire time they were together. “I wont to adore, take her word for everything,” he said, “And she was like, really lying to me the entire time.” He noted how Sabrina “got what she wanted” out of him. When host Adrienne Bailon asked what he thinks Sabrina wanted from him, he replied, “Clout or fame, some quiet way.”

After accusing her of putting out a reality show that they had filmed without his consent, Lamar claimed his ex used him “for monetary reasons.” He expressed how “sad” he gets when he recalls their romance “because I do not adore nobody taking advantage of me, especially for monetary reasons,” he shared. Still, Lamar has no plans to battle it out with Sabrina in court. “I’m getting to let her specialize in what she should be that specialize in and that is getting her child back,” Lamar revealed before calling her out further for accusing him of using drugs again.

“She putting out there that I’m, you know, doing drugs and if you recognize my past, if you would like to harm my way of creating a living, that is the one thing that you simply can say or mention to people is that I’m doing drugs,” the previous pro athlete added. it had been almost five years ago when he went into a coma after suffering a near-fatal drug overdose at a Las Vegas brothel. Since then, he has worked to wash up his image and continue his life as a star. He now has an upcoming celebrity match scheduled against Aaron Carter.


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