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Dermatologists recommend spending about 5 to 10 minutes each day in the shower. While a number of us can’t imagine facing the day without a morning rinse, others like better to wash away the daily stress in the dark. And although the time you’re taking a shower comes right down to your personal preferences, those that prefer to roll in the hay in the dark can reap more beauty and health benefits.

1. It might help you fall asleep faster.

An evening shower relaxes your body and mind, and once you take it at the proper time it also can offer you a far better sleep. Showering 90 minutes before bed in warm water can assist you to nod off about 10 minutes quicker than usual. This happens because warm water slightly lowers your body’s temperature, which successively sends a sign to your body that it’s time to travel to sleep.

2. It’s better for your skin.

Showering before getting to bed may additionally help to stay acne cornered. Our hair collects bacteria and merchandise buildup throughout the day, and as your head hits the pillow these impurities get transferred to your pillowcase, then to your face. Because our skin regenerates whilst we sleep, getting to bed with clean and fresh skin also means your new skin cells are going to be healthy.

3. It may ease seasonal allergies.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, taking a nightly shower may help ease the symptoms. Being outside means allergens, like pollen and mud, get on your skin and garments, and unless you’re taking a shower before getting to sleep you’d find yourself on your bedding. If you’ve got a habit of jumping into the shower in the morning, consider switching your routine and taking an evening shower instead to avoid unpleasant symptoms.

4. Your hair will be healthier.

If you wash your hair in the evening, you’ll have longer to let it naturally air dry. This, in turn, will keep your hair shiny and bouncy for an extended, because it helps lock within the moisture. Blow-drying your hair during a morning rush may damage your strands, leaving them weak and dull.

5. It helps fight excessive sweating.

While a morning shower may be a good way to shower before you face the day, showering in the dark can assist you to prevent body odor. Taking a cool shower before getting to bed might help reduce the night sweats that a lot of people suffer from.

6. It might prevent muscle cramps.

If your muscles feel painful and sore after an extended day at work, taking a warm shower may help relieve the unpleasant sensations. As warm water hits your body, it helps to appease muscle tension and promote a far better night’s sleep. Taking a warm shower also can prevent leg cramps in the dark, a standard condition that affects up to 60 percent of individuals.


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