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Having beautiful nails can boost your self-confidence and give you the courage to flaunt your hands. Numerous alternatives are available depending on your preferences, allowing you to experiment with various shapes and select from a wide variety of techniques, colors, and nail art. However, are you familiar with the Russian manicure? Many want to test out one of the most significant and divisive social media trends for themselves.

Before you proceed, you must understand that this is not your typical trip to the manicure salon and that, despite how glamorous it may seem, there are risks involved.

You may learn everything there is to know about the Russian manicure, including advantages and disadvantages, in the essay that follows.

What is a Russian Manicure?

The Russian manicure is probably a trend you’ve heard of if you enjoy TikTok trends. If not, allow us to explain it to you.

An electric file or drill is used to remove any previous polish or gel from the fingernails in this method of nail care, which is thought to have its roots in Russia. It is a dry process, therefore soaking is not required.

Additionally, the cuticles are given attention, with nail technicians taking their time to trim any extra cuticle that may be present on the nail bed. The trend’s supporters assert that it will prolong the life of your manicure.

What is Great About a Russian Manicure?

The Russian manicure is fantastic and popular because it offers an impeccable and precise finish. Additionally, it is thought to last longer than conventional manicures.

It can be a fantastic choice for individuals who want a manicure that lasts for a long time and requires fewer excursions to the salon.

How Long Does it Take?

The Russian manicure is one of the most time-consuming options due to the techniques used and the attention to detail when producing it.

At the salon, it will take at least two hours and occasionally longer (so clear your schedule to allow enough time to get it done properly).

Additionally, because a manicure may easily go wrong, you should only have it done by a qualified professional who knows how to properly file the nails.

If you file the nail too much, it could become fragile. You don’t want to grind too far, according to Ian Austin, owner of manicure salons, “You need to leave 10 to 15 percent of the previous base on your nail plate or the hard part of your nail.” “You need complete control of the nail drill and knowledge of how deep you can go down,” he continues.

How Long Does it Last?

The longevity of the Russian manicure is its most alluring feature. Because of how the polish is put under the cuticle and the treatment done on the cuticle, it is thought to last for about four weeks. This ought to slow the growth of nails.

This is a long time for a manicure, though the length will vary based on your nail’s pace of growth, the shape you choose, and how you take care of them.

Concerns and Dangers of Russian Manicure

Because the cuticle work that is done carries dangers, including infection, there are mixed reviews of the Russian manicure.

You run a higher risk of infection if you remove the cuticle on your nail bed. This is why many medical professionals advise against getting a manicure at all. Bleeding and pain can also arise from trimming or cutting the cuticle.

Even at a respectable nail salon, trying it is not advised because it is regarded as dangerous. If you have your heart set on getting this manicure, you must see a qualified professional.

The e-file can also be misused, which can lead to weak and brittle nails in addition to this other drawback.


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