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Spring Nail Designs: Trendy Picks for the Season

spring break nail ideas
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Trendiest Spring Nail Designs: As the temperatures rise, soft pink hues remain a staple, but why not explore some unexpected spring nail designs? Whether you’re visiting a salon or beautifying your nails at home, Instagram is overflowing with creative inspiration for spring break nail ideas.

While there’s no shortage of charming pastel variations (lilac remains popular for spring 2024), prepare for nail trends that exude pure joy. Embrace vibrant rainbow shades, whimsical interpretations of floral nail art, and unconventional patterns like clouds and cow print (yes, you read that correctly).

Do you prefer a more understated look? Fear not—we’ve got you covered. The classic French manicure is as timeless as ever, and for DIY enthusiasts, mismatched nail art is currently all the rage.

Explore some of our top picks for spring nail art ideas that you can try immediately.

Instagram nailslpc.xo

Dainty Daisies

In spring, opting for flower-themed nail designs is an obvious choice. Experiment with delicate daisies against a backdrop of neat, bare nails. Introduce a touch of seasonal vibrancy by incorporating a French-tip accent nail in soft pastel pink.

Instagram nailstampingqueenuk

Aurora Nails

Embrace the aurora nails trend this spring by choosing a lovely lavender shade. Achieve this look effortlessly at home by using iridescent polish. A recommended option is Addiction Tokyo’s “Twilight Song” Nail Polish.

Nude Chrome

Glazed donut nails remain trendy in 2024. Enhance nude nails by adding a silver chrome finish.

Instagram herarings.morocco

Coquette Pearls

The coquette look is perfect for springtime. Experiment with this trend by adorning your nails with delicate pearls, strawberry designs, and a plaid accent nail for added charm.

Instagram v.nailedit_

Trendiest Spring Nail Designs

Abstract Chrome

Abstract chrome nails maintain their chic appeal regardless of the season. Maintain a matte base for a stylish contrast.

Instagram peachinails

Groovy Pastels

There’s something about this swirling nail art that evokes the vibe of a lava lamp. For the most vibrant pastel colors, consider using shades from Pear Nova or ILNP.

Instagram lillypalm__

Blue Gradient French

Enhance your look with a striking burst of color by opting for blue gradient French tips paired with square nails, which are currently trending.

Instagram ginivee_studio

3D Watercolor

3D nail art appears exceptionally beautiful when paired with watercolor nails.

Instagram simlynail

Pearly Pink

Achieving these pearly nails might appear intricate, but they’re quite simple to do yourself. Choose a nail polish with pearl shimmer and apply a single coat. After it dries, use the polish to create dots across the nail and then swirl them in circular motions using a dotting tool. Nail artist @simlynail, who designed this pink set, offers a comprehensive tutorial you can follow.


French Tips

The nostalgia for the early 2000s remains strong in 2024. Update your high school favorites with a contemporary twist by opting for a rounded nail shape instead of square.


Pop of Sparkle 

If you’re feeling tired of a gradient manicure but aren’t keen on trying other nail art styles, inject some sparkle with a glittery polish such as Olive & June’s “Exclamation Point”.


“French” Manicure 

Golden-tipped nails with the words beau, amour, non, and oui? Brilliant.


Fresh Olive 

Experiment with a subdued olive shade for a more refined, yet still attention-grabbing, variation of last year’s slime trend.


Trendiest Spring Nail Designs

Mismatched Hearts 

Elevate negative-space hearts by adding a unique color to each hand. Create this look yourself by painting over a heart-shaped sticker on each nail and removing them once the polish has dried.


Rainbow French 

For a flawless minimalist nail design, begin with a French manicure but incorporate a varied colored tip on each finger.


Split Screen 

Unable to choose just one color? Embrace them all! (Paintbox’s Power Couple sets simplify the process.)


Crayon Box Nails 

A Skittles-inspired manicure featuring predominantly primary colors exudes a surprisingly contemporary vibe, with a touch of brown preventing it from appearing too juvenile.


Realistic Flowers 

Elaborate floral designs on naked nails resemble genuine masterpieces. Experiment with these stickers to achieve a comparable aesthetic.


Sleek Silver 

Expert advice: Coordinate your rings with your nail color to make a strong impression.


Cherry on Top 

This manicure is nearly overwhelmingly adorable and ideal during the depths of winter when you’re yearning for spring to arrive sooner.


Cotton Candy 

Contemporary color blocking balances out the sweetness of sorbet hues.



A dual French manicure tip featuring spring shades such as mint and lilac is ideal for setting the mood for brighter days ahead.


Understated Greige

If spring-inspired nail designs seem overly adorable, opt for an unconventional neutral tone instead. Consider Essie’s “Wool Me Over” for a chic greige option.


Delicate Blossoms 

This flower artwork is suitable for beginners—simply utilize the tip of a bobby pin to create flawless dots.


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