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15 Stunning Spring Nail Designs to Replicate Now

Spring Nail Designs
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After a long and gloomy winter, spring is finally on the horizon, bringing with it a fresh wave of nail design inspiration. Typically characterized by vibrant colors and floral patterns (which aren’t exactly new), this season also includes some timeless trends such as variations on the French manicure and glossy nudes. Celebrated nail artist Betina Goldstein expects simple, elegant styles to dominate social media this spring, offering a versatile range of options. For those looking for bolder choices, there are plenty of adventurous designs to consider as well. spring acrylic nails

Are you thinking about your next nail appointment? Continue reading to discover the top spring nail trends as recommended by Goldstein and other renowned manicurists like Julie Kandalec, Amy Le, and Leslie Ayala.

1. Airbrushed Nails

Airbrush nails, which began to gain popularity last year, are expected to continue trending this spring. Nail experts Amy Le and Julie Kandalec believe airbrushing will be prevalent, with Kandalec noting that it’s the method behind the popular aura nails on TikTok. While it might seem intricate, Kandalec explains that one can achieve this effect at home using a makeup sponge. She encourages checking out her tutorial to begin creating nails that radiate high vibrational energy.

2. Short Nails

If you’ve never been a fan of extra-long, almond-shaped nails, there’s good news: Shorter, more manageable nail shapes are becoming more popular. According to Amy Le, many of her clients are moving away from Gel-X extensions in favor of their natural nails, kept at a shorter length. Additionally,

having a smaller nail surface doesn’t restrict creative possibilities, as numerous nail designs can still be effectively applied to nails of average size. spring acrylic nails

3. Cow Print

Animal print nails, such as cow print, are a fantastic choice to welcome the spring season. For a more dramatic effect, coordinate them with matching accessories to really stand out.

4. Bright Bolts

Combining a bright lemon hue with a soft powder blue feels distinctly spring-like. Additionally, the geometric zigzag pattern resembles a lightning bolt, which is a nod to the typical April showers. spring acrylic nails

5. Spring Blossoms

You don’t have to cover your nails with a lot of color or flower patterns to enjoy a spring-inspired manicure. Painting pond blossoms on just the tips, in the style of a contemporary French manicure, creates a subtle yet seasonally appropriate look for any spring event.

6. Bright Flowers

Consider this perspective: while these vibrant colors might initially appear overwhelming,

they actually exude a chic and understated charm when presented in miniature flower patterns. This spring nail design reinvents delicate florals with a playful twist that adds an element of fun. Embrace the unexpected and give it a try this spring.

7. Baby French

For those with shorter nails, baby French tips offer a contemporary and stylish twist on the traditional manicure. If you want to experiment with this look on your own, consider watching Lights Lacquer’s tutorial for helpful tips. Julie Kandalec suggests using the brand’s Pinky shade as a base for the baby pink look, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you could also opt for a less conventional choice like the silver chrome mentioned above.

8. Lavender Abstract

These lavender nails embody the essence of spring. Abstract faces, reminiscent of Erno Laszlo’s art, bring a delicate and artistic flair to each accent nail, making them uniquely beautiful. You can easily replicate this design at home using a detailing brush with a few straightforward strokes.

9. Cloud Cover

The spring showers seem to be inspiring fresh nail trends as well. Incorporating fluffy cloud designs onto a purple ombre manicure,

whether it’s a dreamy lavender or a vibrant cerulean base, evokes thoughts of brighter skies even amidst stormy weather. Consider bringing some inspiring images to your next nail appointment, or try your hand at drawing the clouds at home.

10. Strawberry Glazed Donut

Similar to the minimalist manicure or jelly-coated nails, opalescent nails, also known as Hailey Bieber nails or glazed donut nails, shimmer with various colors when viewed from different angles. According to Ayala, achieving this effect involves applying holographic gel across the entire nail. She uses a magnetic bar on the sides of the nail and then at the tip to enhance the metallic and holographic sparkle. To complete the look, she adds fine glitter and sporadically places chunky iridescent glitter.

11. Sequin Flowers

While it may require some patience, the outcome is worth the effort. Bring out the sequins and let your creativity flow with each nail.

12. Barely There Nails

Referred to as “lip gloss nails,” these nude-washed nails offer a unique twist on the typical colorful spring manicures. Goldstein appreciates this trend for its straightforwardness. To achieve this look, apply a single coat of Chanel’s La Base Protective and Smoothing, followed by their Le Gel Coat Longwear Topcoat. Goldstein explains that La Base has a subtle tint, which helps to correct any imperfections and provides a fresh and elegant final appearance.

13. ’60s Lines

Slightly psychedelic, these lines create a bold statement. They are actually Chillhouse’s Chill Tips in Discoteca, making it easy to achieve this playful design with just a press-on application.

14. Negative Space Glitter

Attention to all those seeking convenience:

Negative space manicures have a longer lifespan compared to traditional polish because the difference is less noticeable as the nails grow out. Kandalec appreciates their effortless yet stylish appearance.

15. Detailed Florals

Professional nail technicians have been exploring the boundaries of nail art for years, experimenting with intricate floral patterns and realistic drawings. While these designs have evolved considerably, reproducing them at home can be challenging. Instead,

consider providing a clear photograph of your desired design to your nail technician for them to replicate.

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