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Summer 2024 Nail Trends: Vibrant Colors and Versatile Shades

This Summer, Everyone Will Be Sporting This Trendy Nail Color Inspired by the Sea.
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It’s among the most beautiful ways to add some flair by the pool.

Wherever your summer adventures lead, there’s a manicure to complement them. Picture the sunlight reflecting off your metallic nails while you hold a cool drink on a rooftop. Alternatively, picture yourself relaxing in Turks and Caicos, dipping into the ocean with glossy aqua-blue nails blending seamlessly with the waves. It’s a delightful thought, isn’t it? “We’re gearing up for an exciting season of nail trends,” says Julie Kandalec, a nail artist based in New York City. “Nail trends”

As summer 2024 approaches, nail color trends draw inspiration from the most dynamic aspects of the season. JinSoon, Olive & June, Essie, and other brands are introducing new collections to reflect this trend. According to Kandalec, vibrant colors such as jelly pink, tangerine, and ocean blue perfectly embody the spirit, vitality, and romantic charm of the warmer months.

And it’s not just about bold electric shades. A soft buttery yellow pastel offers a surprisingly versatile alternative to your typical understated neutrals. Additionally, this shade complements a classic summer white pedicure beautifully. Speaking of which, experts anticipate that fresh white nails will be just as trendy on your fingers as they have always been on your toes. So, get ready to explore a variety of nail polish colors to keep on rotation throughout the summer.”Nail trends”

Butter Yellow

Please hand over the buttery polish! According to New York City nail artist JinSoon Choi, this “dreamy pastel” brings a hint of sophistication with a playful edge. Choi recommends her own lacquer, JinSoon Georgette, for achieving this look—a soft, pale yellow shade. For a slightly more vibrant, sunny hue, consider Cirque Colors Buttercup, known for its fresh, glossy finish.


Evoking memories of Fanta soda and summer evenings, tangerine is synonymous with the season. According to California nail artist Lonna Janee, it exudes vibes of sunflowers and sunshine, making it a top choice for summer. A favorite pick is Essie Break It Sundown, a stunning orange polish with hints of yellow. If you prefer gel manicures, opt for V Beauty Pure polish in 081, boasting a vibrant creamsicle hue.

Ocean Blue

During the previous summer, pool-themed nails dominated social media. However, this year, the trend is shifting towards shore-inspired designs. A coastal ocean-blue shade stands out boldly whether worn alone or as an accent. Nail artist Alexandra Rivera, based in Florida, suggests trying a vertical ombré manicure reminiscent of the deep sea, as showcased here—experiment with various blue tones for a multi-dimensional effect. Our favorite pick is the Manicurist nail polish in Ultramarine. If you prefer gel polish, opt for Madam Glam’s gel nail polish in Matty.

Chilli Pepper Red

This summer, the temperature is rising, and we suggest opting for a blazing, fiery red nail polish to complement the heat. Two top picks are No. 13 from Sundays, which won an Allure Best of Beauty award, and Dior Vernis in 999 Rouge. Both offer a rich, glossy finish in a warm, red shade. According to Amy Ling Lin, founder of Sundays Studio, this chili-pepper hue serves as “an energetic and spicy mood enhancer that captures the vibrant spirit of the season.”

Molten Metallics

“Metallics continue to be a popular choice for summer,” states Kandalec. As we move into the upcoming months, purple will take center stage. Kandalec particularly admires Lights Lacquer Birthday Wishes, a chic metallic lavender, and KB Shimmer What a Pearl Wants, a multi-hued metallic nail polish.

Summer White

White linen outfits, sandy beaches, and a timeless white pedicure—this crisp shade is practically synonymous with summer. According to Lin, “It’s a versatile color that gives your skin a tan appearance and instantly enhances your overall appearance.”

Allure editors recommend Sundays No.1, a pure white polish inspired by fresh linens, and OPI Funny Bunny. If you’re headed on vacation and seeking extended wear, a few layers of Aprés’ gel nail polish in Baby’s Breath will last throughout your trip.

Jelly Pink

When the heat is on, nothing beats enjoying a refreshing popsicle—and now, it’s inspiring a trendy new manicure. Jelly nail polishes are the go-to for achieving that “popsicle-stained” effect, particularly in shades of pink. Janee suggests that summer is the ideal time to explore various pink hues, with jelly pink expected to be a favorite.

Recently, Allure’s editor-in-chief Jessica Cruel experienced the popular jelly nail treatment firsthand in Seoul from renowned nail artist Park Eunkyung, also known as Unistella. However, you don’t need to jet-set to try this trend. JinSoon’s Whisper offers a soft, rose-colored jelly polish for a subtle look, while Olive & June’s Jelly Baby provides a slightly brighter, jelly finish.


If you’re aiming for a shade that complements your favorite sandals or stands out on a white sand beach, turquoise is the way to go. Lin anticipates that this minty blue-green hue will adorn everyone’s toes, praising its cheerful and uplifting vibe. For a pedicure that lasts through multiple beach days, consider applying Gucci Glossy in 713 Dorothy Turquoise or OPI Cactus What You Preach.

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