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Taylor Swift Swapped Her Known Red Lip Color for an Odd One

Taylor Swift Swapped Her Known Red Lip Color for an Odd One
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Taylor Swift Swapped Her Known Red Lip Color for an Odd One: In addition to being one of the most popular singers in the world, Taylor Swift is also well-known for her devoted following, “making Travis Kelce famous,” secret Easter eggs hidden in her music and style choices, and, of course, her signature red lip.

The last one, who has been a mainstay throughout all of her phases, can be seen on several album covers, her record-breaking tour, and red carpet appearances.

On the eve of the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the diva eschewed her characteristic red in favor of a stunning French girl blowout for her most recent excursion in New York City.

She wore an ensemble that alluded to two of her musical phases to finish the look.

Swift’s lips were a reddish-orange color that we rarely see on her, as opposed to the brilliant cherry red color we’re used to seeing.

The lipstick complemented her whole fall-inspired appearance by sitting between two shades—it was lighter than a rusty red and deeper than a coral. It also complemented her boots, which had a deeper reddish-brown tone.

Taylor Swift Swapped Her Known Red Lip Color for an Odd One

Her lipstick, hair, and ensemble were the main focal points of her modestly adorned look. She had a matte complexion with just a hint of blush on her cheeks.

Regarding her eyes, the middle and outer corners were filled up with black eyeliner, leaving the inner corner bare.

Her hair was another thing that had us spellbound. She has chosen a more wild, Americana attitude the last few times we have seen her. She has worn her hair with tons of volume and structure in all of her recent appearances, whether it be curly, wavy, or even in a fake haircut.

This appearance was unique. Rather, her hair was sleeker, straighter, and fit closer to her face than it usually did. It began pin straight at the root and traveled to her chest, curling just a little bit near the finish.

Her distinctive straight-across bangs gave it a very French girl air, and it looked put together but also carefree.

Her new lip color blended in perfectly with the aesthetics of 1989 and Lover because of the ensemble.

Her outfit consisted of an enormous Stella McCartney polo shirt with an embroidered horse accent, giving her a very preppy look. Because she worked with the designer around the time the dress was released, many assume the outfit is a nod to her Lover period.

Her boots, however, were an unmistakable homage to her 1989 period.

The almost knee-high, dark brown boots with crimson overtones were coveted by ardent admirers, who saw her wear them often in 2014 when the album was released.

To complete the ensemble, she accessorized the almost ten-year-old shoes with gold jewelry and a brown purse that matched.


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