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The Sunset Aura Manicure Trend Brings Endless Summer Energy to Your Nails

The Sunset Aura Manicure Trend Brings Endless Summer Energy to Your Nails
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A manicure design that successfully fuses several trends into one must be loved. Sunset aura nails accomplish precisely that, fusing the socially popular aura nails with vibrant splashes of summertime color, just like strawberry milk nails and glazed vanilla French manicures before them.

The best thing, though? Sunset aura nails can be made to fit your personality and aesthetic preferences. You feel brave? Choose red. Want to display your kind side? Include a pink accent. You may make your own, completely original, sunset aura nails in a variety of ways. Intrigued? For all the information you need, keep scrolling.

What Are Sunset Aura Nails?

“Sunset aura nails are aura nails in sunset tones—think orange, pink, purple, and sky blue,” explains Brittany Boyce, a celebrity manicurist for Nails of LA. Since there are so many various ways to apply this nail trend, as long as you go with colors that are suggestive of a sunset, you really can’t go wrong.

Behind the Trend

During festival season, vivid aura nails first started to become quite popular among celebrities and concert goers. Boyce says, “From what I’ve observed, people are showing increasing interest in knowing about their auras. “I believe that this trend capitalizes on that intrigue and fascination.”

Boyce continues, “the vibrancy and customization” also appeal to a lot of individuals about the fashion. “It’s a great way to showcase your energy through color and for individuals to showcase their unique style,” she claims.

How to Get Sunset Aura Nails

Do you want to join the sunset aura craze? It only involves a few simple steps and is simpler than you might imagine. There is a method to make it work whether you prefer gel, conventional nail paint, or even airbrushing.

Professionals tend to utilize airbrush machines more frequently, although Boyce admits that she has also used ombré sponges to get similar effects. Apply your secondary color on your nail art sponge after applying your base color, whether you’re using gel polish or conventional paint. After that, begin pushing it into the nail’s middle. Repeat this process several times until you get the desired mix, and then apply your third color and repeat the process, but in a smaller area or right in the center.

Boyce observes that while perfecting a sunset aura manicure takes effort, your top coat will aid in the mixing process. And if you’re using “regular nail polish at home, let each color dry in between before applying a new color,” she advises.

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