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Spring 2024 Nail Art Trends are Encouraging Creativity in Manicures

Spring 2024 Nail Art Trends are Encouraging Creativity in Manicures

This season, you can incorporate gemstones, crocodile prints, and bows into your nail designs. This spring marks a departure from the minimalist manicures that dominated our fingertips in the past year.

According to Chaun Legend, a nail artist based in Los Angeles and artist in residence at Lottie London, many of the trends for 2024 are pushing back against the previously popular ‘clean girl’ look.

Instead, beauty experts anticipate a resurgence of maximalism this year, a trend already evident in TikTok’s Mob Wife makeup trend inspired by 2016. Nail designs for spring 2024 are all about making a bold statement with vibrant art and flashy details.

Nail artists are adding creative final touches to their designs: the timeless French manicure now features gold-dipped tips, while pastels are being treated with the “cat-eye” technique.

Anticipate the introduction of new textures such as crocodile print and the incorporation of 3D jewels to enhance designs.

Rita Pinto, the founder of Vanity Projects, a nail salon based in NYC, notes that more suppliers are introducing products that produce three-dimensional effects.

Additionally, the ever-popular chrome manicure remains a staple in nail trends.

Even the beloved neutral tones and understated polishes are receiving attention-grabbing updates.

Nail artist Honey, based in Los Angeles, foresees the rise of jelly nails, known for their soft, cloud-like appearance, replacing the previously popular milky nails. Below, several experts share their forecasts for the top nail trends expected to dominate social media feeds this spring.

Nail Jewels

Enhancing even the simplest manicure can give the impression of significant effort, especially with the addition of shimmering 3D nail jewels. According to Hailey Cohen, a nail artist from Wichita Falls, Texas, textured nail art, particularly gel designs that offer both visual appeal and tactile enjoyment, will become more prevalent. Choose your preferred gemstone or combine different metals, such as silver and gold studs, for added flair. For a more understated appearance, embellish a solid-colored manicure with delicate gold pearls.

Jelly Nails

This aesthetic, according to Noodle Yess, a nail artist based in California and educator for V Beauty Pure, exudes a Y2K vibe with a modern twist. To achieve it, opt for a nail polish with a jelly finish like Lights Lacquer Cherry Jelly, or try out a set of press-on nails with a jelly tint such as the Kiss Gel Fantasy Jelly Color Press-Ons. If you’re pressed for time, mix a few drops of your preferred nail polish color with clear nail polish to attain the perfect sheer shade. Remember, applying fewer coats will result in a more transparent effect.

Glitter Aura Nails

Aura nails are not a novel concept, but Honey offers a tip to elevate them: Instead of using last year’s chrome, add a layer of glitter over the aura designs for extra sparkle. According to Honey, using UN/DN LAQR in the shade Deep Breath, which contains mylar glitter, is a great way to make your nails stand out.

Cat Eye Nails

Cat Eye nails are making a comeback with a new color palette this spring. Try adding a sparkling finish to seasonal shades such as pastel yellows and gentle blues. If you’re unable to visit a salon, you can achieve this look easily with a magnetic nail polish like the V Beauty Pure Rainbow Cat Eye polish. After applying the polish, “utilize a nail magnet to arrange the particles into your desired design,” advises Yess.

French Croc

The resurgence of the mob wife trend on TikTok has reignited our fascination with animal prints. While leopard spots remain popular, according to Legend, crocodile-print nails are currently the top choice. Rather than covering the entire nail with this striking texture, Legend recommends incorporating the design into French tips using earthy tones.

This nail design can be challenging to achieve manually with traditional polish, so Legend suggests using blooming gel, a product that expands or “blooms” once applied, for a simpler approach. “To start the design, apply blooming gel in dotted dashes across your nail bed in a brick pattern,” advises Legend. “These dashes will expand within seconds, creating a pattern with gaps resembling a crocodile.”

Chrome Embellished Manicure

Your preferred nail art styles—swirls, blobs, French tips—take on an enhanced brilliance when done with chrome paint. For a silver shimmer, we recommend the Côte Molten Metal Nail Polish, while the Orly Golden Record nail polish adds a hint of gold to your manicure. To balance these bold accents, consider opting for a neutral base to maintain a sophisticated, rather than ostentatious, appearance.

Coquette Nails

Adding a bow can elevate anything, even your manicure. Enhance your preferred polish with 3D bows and pearls to achieve a charming aesthetic. Thanks to these 3D nail decals available on Amazon, you don’t need to be adept at tying the perfect bow. Simply apply a dot of nail glue precisely where you want to attach the accessory.

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