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Here’s What It Means When Your Fingers Fall Asleep

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You’ve probably experienced parts of your body feeling tingly or “asleep” within the past. you almost certainly don’t be concerned about it if you experience finger numbness occasionally. Often you’ll point to a reason why you’re experiencing this sense , like remaining in one position too long or something slightly restricting the blood flow. Sometimes your hands might even go numb while you’re sleeping (via Healthline). Other times, that numb feeling strikes your fingers while you’re sitting or going about your daily activities, and you would possibly not make certain why.

If you are feeling the tingling asleep sensation in your fingers, the great news is that it’s extremely common, consistent with The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics. Typically, fingers or other body parts nod off because the nerves are compressed for too long, and it always goes away once you start traveling for a touch .

While it are often painful, the tingling in your fingers is usually not a symbol of something serious. However, if it happens often, and you cannot pinpoint a reason, you would possibly got to investigate further, Web MD cautions, especially if the feeling doesn’t get away quickly.