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Is your toe numbness simple or serious?

If your toes are feeling numb, you would possibly have a pins-and-needles sensation, or simply no sensation in the least . the primary thing you’ll be wanting to see is that the fit of your shoes. Are they too tight? Shoes that do not fit correctly are the foremost common explanation for numb toes. If you think that your shoes could also be pressing down on the nerves in your foot and causing toe numbness, it’s probably time to take stock or try a special style. But if you’ve ruled out shoes because the problem, you would possibly be handling something more serious like diabetes. High blood glucose can damage nerves, and is usually the primary sign that somebody has diabetes (via alright Fit). it is vital to urge checked for diabetes, because toe numbness can cause ulcers, which may ultimately cause enough damage to need amputation.

Other causes of toe numbness include alcoholic abuse , Raynaud’s disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome , sciatica, and a number of other more rare conditions (via Healthline). To diagnose toe numbness, you’ll need a CT scan or an MRI To rule out spine abnormalities or signs of stroke. Nerve conduction studies may show a doctor if the electrical current that normally goes through your nerves is flowing properly. If you notice increasing toe numbness, or have problems with numbness not departure quickly after changing positions or beginning your shoes, seeking medical attention will assist you get to the basis of this tricky issue.

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