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Why You Should Think Twice Before Wearing Pointed Toe Shoes

Foot problems are the worst — ask anyone who’s ever struggled with them and they’ll tell you that foot pain seems to affect nearly everything. It goes without saying that shoes can severely help or hamper your feet’s ability to support the remainder of your body. Especially once you wear things like high heels or various sorts of shoes that do not provide support for your feet, you’ll be regretting it subsequent day and later in life.

In addition to the classic offenders, wearing pointed-toe shoes are often harmful for your feet. These sorts of shoes don’t leave enough space for your toes to diffuse and do what’s required to support your weight. In fact, podiatrist Andrew Shapiro, explains, “In addition to metatarsalgia and hammer toes, pointy-toed shoes can cause neuroma, an inflammation of the nerve between the toes” (via WebMD). Since pointed-toe shoes jam all of your weight onto the front of your foot, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this sort of footwear can cause nerve damage and deformation over time.

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