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Here’s What It Means When Your Toes Fall Asleep

Most folks know what it seems like to awaken after falling asleep on an arm and realize that it not seems like it’s attached to our body. Or we sit for an extended time during a certain position and our legs feel heavy and tingly once we attempt to get up . That numbness we feel is typically temporary and goes away after a moment or two of relieving the pressure on the limb (via Harvard Health). It happens to enough folks that we all know to not worry an excessive amount of about it. Toe numbness, on the opposite hand, isn’t nearly as common (via alright Fit). If you’re having a tough time feeling your toes, or can’t feel your shoes or the bottom when your toes touch them, it might be cause for concern.

When body parts go numb, it’s always because there’s some kind of problem with the nerves therein area. Imagine your nerves as tiny garden hoses, and therefore the signals that allow you to feel things are the water that flows through the hose. If you pinch the hose or damage it, the water won’t flow where it’s alleged to . an equivalent goes for your nerves. Applying pressure to nerves, whether you’re sitting on your leg awkwardly or lying on your arm, can cause them to temporarily stop functioning. Irritation or damage to nerves also can cause signals to prevent flowing which ends up in numbness.

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