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Here’s what could cause your fingers to fall asleep.

According to The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics, if the tingling in your fingers is frequent and doesn’t get away quickly, it might be a symbol of a more significant health issue. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a compressed nerve in your wrist could cause pain and numbness, especially in your pinky and thumb. Web MD noted that diabetes could also cause the sensation due to “peripheral neuropathy” related to the condition. If the explanation for your tingly fingers is diabetes-related neuropathy there is no cure, but you’ll discuss medications to manage it together with your doctor.

According to Healthline, other causes of unexplained tingling in your fingers might be a symbol of alcoholic abuse or a vitamin B12 deficiency. Nerve damage, a ganglion cyst, fibromyalgia, medications, or poor sleeping posture could even be responsible for the loss of feeling. If your fingers regularly nod off and you are not sure why you’ll ask your doctor about investigating the difficulty further. If you experience these sensations suddenly without explanation, you ought to also speak together with your healthcare provider about possible causes and coverings .

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