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Pointed-toe shoes can cause bunions

Because modern footwear often narrows towards the front of the foot, many of us struggle with issues like bunions and nerve damage. This issue results in deformed feet with toes jammed together, consistent with YogaBody. Since pointed-toe shoes artificially distribute weight unevenly, blisters and painful bunions are often the result. Bunions originate as lumps at the bottom of the large toe from an excessive amount of pressure being placed towards the highest of your foot, as WebMD explains. These bumps can make the large toe stiffen and put pressure on your other toes, worsening other foot problems and sometimes making it difficult to steer , Healthline notes. If you would like to avoid bunions, nerve issues and hammer toes, steer beyond pointed-toe shoes.

To alleviate this issue, choose shoes that have a good sole and use inserts for extra support. Avoid wearing pointed-toe shoes and other varieties that confine the toes in spaces that are too small — your feet will many thanks for it.

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