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Why You Shouldn’t Walk Barefoot Around The House

Most parents and professional cleaners have a legitimate reason for eager to keep outdoor shoes, well, outdoors, which has got to do with keeping the soles of our shoes from tracking dirt, grime, toxins like pesticides and industrial pollution, and traces of both human and animal waste into our homes. Outdoor shoes are even known to supply free passes to bacteria which will cause health issues, although that risk might be slightly exaggerated, consistent with The ny Times.

Many cultures practice shoe-free homes across Asia and therefore the Middle East . But is that the option of going barefoot — or perhaps just wearing soft fluffy slippers — reception a habit we should always all be adopting? consistent with some podiatrists, the solution may be a resounding, “no.” And it isn’t because they are not concerned about having us invite a couple of germs and a few grime into the house. Rather, they worry that going barefoot round the house could open up our feet to developing differing types of structural injuries.

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